By Chun Schlesinger-Fried || Contributing Writer

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On September 26 at 8:00 pm, Narcy had a show in the Green Room Theater. For each song Narcy performed, there was specific video playing behind him, demonstrating his capability in creativity.

The videos were not distracting or random, but rather simple and perfectly in sync with the beat of his music. By adding visual imagery during the performance, it reinforced the passion portrayed in his song.

Additionally, Narcy’s vulnerability in his songs, such as “Leap of Faith” and “Love Me (Hate Me),” created this kind of intimacy between the listener and the musician.

Narcy not only engaged the audience through his poetic lyrics, but also by having students and faculty be participants during his performance.

At certain times, Narcy would have the audience say a particular line of his song. At other moments, Narcy instructed the audience to either clap their hands in a rhythmic manner or stand up and wave their arms up and down like one would do at a Drake concert.

Toward the end of the show, Narcy freestyled. To prove that he was making up the lyrics on the spot, he had students give him different objects to rap about. Narcy was able to execute the performance perfectly, adding humor in his freestyle as well.

Overall, the performance on Tuesday night was successful. Narcy is a very talented hip-hop artist who knows how to captivate his audience in order to address social and political issues. With the use of visual imagery and sincere lyrics, Narcy takes the audience through a range of human emotions, in an attempt to unify minorities and other social groups.

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