By Julia Ramsey || Staff Writer

This week, the Interfaith Student Council takes a break from the profiles of the week to update the campus on current interfaith efforts.

This Tuesday, February 21, from 6p.m. to 8p.m., the ISC is hosting a Common Ground Dinner focusing on faith and social justice in a global context. The dinner will be located at 1787. A government and religious studies professor will speak to the topic from their respective fields. The ISC hopes, by bringing students, faculty, and staff together over a meal, we can learn from each other and examine our own ideas about the role of religion in social justice movements. There are limited seats available. Please email to RSVP if you would like to attend.

The ISC chose this theme partly to honor the legacy of our college chaplain, Susan Minasian (Rev). At the end of February, she will be leaving Franklin & Marshall and becoming a pastor at Sojourners United Church of Christ in Charlottesville, VA. Over her time at F&M, she has positively impacted thousands of students. Through her caring and passionate spirit, she has inspired those who come in contact with her to go out and affect the world as she does.

She has tirelessly fought for mindfulness and moments of mediation in a college culture where that is often not valued. She is an amazing advocate for those around her, and her social justice efforts will permanently leave a mark at F&M and the city of Lancaster.

Minasian created the Interfaith Student Council almost single handedly, and now as she moves on to the next phase of her life, the ISC looks forward to her efforts continuing to grow and spread at Franklin & Marshall.

From the entire Interfaith Student Council, we thank Rev for her tireless efforts in helping and guiding us, and we look brightly toward the future as ISC continues to grow and impact the F&M community.

Junior Julia Ramsey is a staff writer. Her email is