The College Reporter would like to thank everyone who made our Crowdfunding campaign a success.

    They say no man is an island, and The College Reporter sure proves it. This organization essentially hinges on the kindness of others, and Franklin & Marshall would literally not have a newspaper without you, our incredibly loyal campus and community.

    But last semester, this newspaper got something else to be thankful for: We launched a Crowdfunding campaign, and it was an absolute success. We set out to raise $10,000 to purchase new computers and software for our office. We thought we might be able to come close to our goal. We thought we might at least have some luck. We made a Crowdfunding page, a brief promotional video, sent some emails, and crossed our fingers.

    So it is with tremendous joy, pride, and a bit of shock that we are announcing again the good news: not only did we meet out $10,000 goal, we surpassed it. Our outstanding community came through and raised not just $10,000, not just $11,000, but $12,322. You may have already heard that news, but we would just really like to say it again. Believe us, we were surprised, too. 73 people — alumni, patrons, former newspaper editors and writers, students, family, friends, and everyone in between — were kind and generous enough to pull together $12,322 to our organization. We were absolutely overwhelmed with the generosity of thiscommunity, and would like to thank you all. We would especially like to single out Meaghan Kauffman and Dean Ralph Taber for organizing the purchase of our office’s new furniture, Ramy Rahal for setting up the Crowdfunding page, and Abby Quint ’15 for organizing the campaign. No one accomplishes anything alone, and we could not be moving forward without you all.