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The Sophomore Class Caucus and the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) held the second annual Major Declaration Dinner, in which members of the sophomore class celebrated the milestone of declaring their majors, April 11 in the Mayser Center.

Students, faculty, administrators, and a number of special guests attended the dinner.

The dinner gave sophomores the opportunity to celebrate the declaration of their majors. Students were seated by major, and faculty and alumni from those departments and majors joined students so that they could have the opportunity to learn more about their field.

“The event provides time for students to learn more about their chosen course of study, meet the faculty members who will guide them in their course work and research in the upcoming years, and become acquainted with the many pathways available to them within and beyond their specific discipline,” said Beth Throne ’95, associate vice president for student and post-graduate development, who helped plan the event.

Aside from the conversations taking place at the tables, the night included remarks by a number of speakers. John Weaver ’82, a former economics major and the current managing director of Hannover Street Capital, gave the keynote speech. He said students should take advantage of their classmates, professors, and alumni contacts in helping them to succeed.

Other speakers included Daniel Porterfield, president of the College, as well as members of the Sophomore Class Caucus and Mark Harmon-Vaught ’15, president of the sophomore class.

“This is an extraordinary showing and is representative of how the Major Declaration Dinner brings together the entire F&M community,” Throne said.

The event required a tremendous amount of planning and effort. Those involved included members of the Office of Student and Postgraduate Development (OSPGD), the Office of the Provost, Franklin & Marshall Alumni Association, the Leadership Council, and the Sophomore Class Caucus: Jeff Kempler ’15, Georgianna Pisano-Goetz ’15, Abdul Aziz ’15, Amer Suljendic ’15, Abigail Quint ’15, Rich Denton ’15, and Harmon-Vaught. They sent out invitations, planned and coordinated the event, and more.

“The OSPGD and Sophomore Class Caucus put a lot of work into making this dinner the best that it could be,” Harmon-Vaught said. “We had to solve the logistical puzzle of seating our guests by major, plan the program of the event, and figure out the menu.”

This was only the second Major Declaration Dinner. The first one, held last year, was so well-attended and well-received that it was brought back for this year.

“We believe it is well on its way to becoming an F&M tradition,” Throne said, who also said students, faculty, and alumni alike were happy for the opportunity to meet each other, and students enjoyed being able to see the possibilities provided by a liberal arts education.

“I feel strongly that our class is bound for greatness, regardless of whether we work in the fields in which we major now,” Harmon-Vaught said. “Our liberal arts educations, deepened by our declaration of majors, will serve us as we enter this next phase in our lives.”

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