By Jack Pinsky,

staff writer

According to Carisha Peters, retail supervisor at Zebi’s, the Zebi’s at F&M is so highly regarded by the Sodexo Group headquarters that, when a new Zebi’s is opened in another location, Peters and coworkers Kevin Mull and Patti Krause are sent to train the new employees on properly running the business. She brought this up early on in our conversation, reflecting the immense pride she feels in her workplace and her family.

Peters has worked at F&M for 10 years. She has had the opportunity to meet more F&M students and staff by working at special events like Homecoming and organizing and setting up special catering events.

As a child, Peters was encouraged by her father to achieve to the best of her abilities. He served as her coach in softball and, despite being very strict in regard to academic achievement, he was still extremely supportive.

 “When it comes down to [important times], there was never a hesitation,” Peters said.

Peters has continued this support while raising her 11-year-old daughter, Ellie.

“My daughter is just like me; she’s so sarcastic,” Peters said.

Although Peters was born and raised in Lancaster, she greatly enjoys traveling. She has been all over the East coast, as well as out West in New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona. Peters and her cousin have plans to travel to the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and to go skydiving next.

A memorable trip Peters recalls was to Cancun, Mexico, which is her favorite trip because she saw 50 Cent, Ludacris, Lloyd Banks, and Next perform.

After working at F&M for 10 years, Peters found it difficult to choose a favorite memory because she has so many.  

“I do love working here at Zebi’s,” Peters said. “We’re a fantastic team. I love the people I work with, and I love the kids.”

When pressed for a specific favorite time in her career here, though, Peters described a time when a mother and daughter visited F&M for an open house. They stopped into Zebi’s after hearing a speech given by Dan Porterfield, president of the College, and asked the people working about their opinions of the College.

Peters says that she and her coworkers honestly discussed their experiences of working here, and made such a strong impression that, after the visit, the mother wrote a letter to Porterfield saying she was extremely impressed by Peters and her coworkers and that her daughter had enrolled as a student. Peters keeps a copy of the letter in the back area of Zebi’s.

When she showed it to me, a key phrase that stood out in the mother’s description of the Zebi’s staff was that they were “spontaneous, frank, and amazing.”

Peters also expresses a sense of nostalgia for the cycle of life that marks every student’s time at F&M.

“We watch people come in as freshmen and watch them grow and graduate and leave us,” Peters said. “It’s bittersweet. We watch them grow from scared little kids to confident young adults. I like to think we have a little to do with that.”

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