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By Maddie Shaw || Layout Assistant

Summer can’t come soon enough. Sunny, Zoom-free days are soon approaching, so it’s time to trade in our oversized winter jackets for spaghetti straps and floral prints. Every summer new fashion trends make their debut, and because of the monotonous routines that we have found ourselves in due to Covid-19, I have a feeling that this summer, in particular, the new styles will be revolutionary. Here are some of the cutting-edge trends to expect for Summer 2021:

As beaches start to open, people will be looking for the next bathing suit trend. There is nothing more flattering than drawing attention to one’s midsection. These suits are no longer just for sixth graders at summer camp or mothers on maternity leave. Mark my words: skirted tankinis are going to be the next big thing.

2.Moccasins with socks
I have always been a firm believer in wearing flip-flops with socks. Nothing feels more right. And I’ve noticed that as of late, wearing moccasins with socks has been on the rise. You may see lax boys typically sporting this trend. However, I think it deserves to become a mainstream staple, so pull your white socks up as high as they can go and buy yourself a pair of moccasins. During Covid all we want is some comfort and what could be more enjoyable than wearing sweaty socks and furry moccasins in 80 degree weather?

3. “I haven’t changed out of my pajamas for a week” look
Celebrities have been cultivating this style for awhile now—but if you’re not a celebrity it doesn’t work. It’s time that we commonfolk claim this look for ourselves. We’re all wearing pajama bottoms to class, anyways (thanks to Zoom University). The pajama trend shouldn’t just be limited to pop stars in LA or middle-aged men picking up their frozen TV dinners at the supermarket.

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4.Hawaiian themed button-downs
What screams “summer” more than the tropics? You may not be traveling this summer, but you can compensate for that by dressing like a tourist. If you need me for any fashion advice this summer, you can bet that you’ll find me in my backyard sitting in a lawn chair by an inflatable pool, sipping Mai Tais, and wearing one of my many palm tree shirts.

5.Blue light sports glasses
Blue light glasses have been a new trend because of our increased screen time, and I think they’ll soon be making their way into Sunglass Hut. Nothing says, “I like to party and toss around the football” more than rocking these bad boys. Protect yourself from UV rays and look fashionable while doing it.

Fashion isn’t a statement unless it’s controversial or somewhat questionable. Similar to modern art, the fashion industry has become all about challenging the norm at the expense of looking good. And during Covid, it’s all about making comfort trendy. So let’s continue to push the boundaries in fashion this summer and wear unprecedented, effortless styles with confidence.

Sophomore Maddie Shaw is a layout assistant. Her email is