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Psych is back! Take out your pineapples in celebration! Psych is USA’s hit show about two childhood friends who solve crimes. There is a twist, though: one of them has fooled everyone into thinking he is a psychic. This fake psychic is Shawn Spencer, who has simply been trained by his detective father to be observant and use deductive reasoning. His father hoped Shawn would follow in his police footsteps, but his son did not end up a cop. Spencer gets into some hot water with the law, and, in order to avoid going to jail, claims he is a psychic and helps solve an important case. The only people who know the truth are his childhood friend Burton Guster and his father. The show is funny, witty, creative, and pretty awesome.

The show’s seventh season kicked off Feb. 27. This new episode picked up right where the finalé left off (I won’t say what happened in case any of the readers want to watch the show or have not seen the episode yet). What I can say is that it is still the same show and sure to entertain; this was the second part of season six’s finale, which was a nod to the movie Chinatown.

Psych has been around since 2007, and, over time, has grown a huge following, making it one of USA network’s most popular shows. The stars of the show are James Roday as Shawn Spencer and Dule Hill as Burton Guster. Hill was on the West Wing. Roday has been in a few indie movies and has his own theater production company with a friend of his. Franks, the show’s creator, is a musician and his band performs the catchy Psych theme song. Franks also grew up with a policeman father. Similar to the character, Franks’ career went a different way than his father intended.

In addition to a well-written script, another reason why Psych is a great show is the cast’s chemistry. When watching the show, one can feel the cast really enjoying what they are doing and feeding off each other’s energy. The show is a comedy first, but also features elements of drama, mystery, and action.

If choosing to watch this fantastic show, here are some things to know going into it: the car the characters drive is called the Blueberry and the official logo of the show is a pineapple. As such, there is a pineapple or a pineapple-looking object hidden in the background of each episode. So while watching the episode one can play a game as well. There is a new phrase every season and there is no shortage of fist bumps.

Psych is a fantastic show and it keeps getting better with each season. There is much to look forward to in this new season, including a musical episode and a tribute to Clue. Watch Psych every Wednesday at 10/9 central on USA Network.

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