By || Members of International Student Advisory Board

Dear F&M community,

Countries around the world are standing up to voice their protest against the systemic injustices towards the black community in the United States and more specifically the police brutality it has been subjected to for far too long. The International Student Advisory Board stands with those affected by the perpetual abuse of the system that has failed so many lives. Institutionalized racism is not only inherent to the United States, it is present in various other countries. The BLM movement is garnering global support because it speaks to communities in every corner of the world and echoes the plight of those historically suppressed.

The solidarity of the people in the US is kindling discussions about police brutality and institutionalized racism, especially towards the black community in numerous nations, like France, China, India, Mauritius, and countless others. Previously, these discussions were simply silenced or shrugged off. America has always been viewed as a global superpower because of its wide influence on other countries in many ways. However, it is crucial to acknowledge, and dismantle, the structural, cultural and systematic inequalities it was founded upon. ISAB stands in unity with the people of this country, first because we believe that respect for a human being should be universal and so should equity in opportunities. Secondly, we believe in the domino effect the US is having over countries we call home, in bringing structural changes.

We understand this is an extremely hard time for everybody; this year has been torturous with incessant heartbreaking headlines. However, communities being denied a normal way of living for centuries, is not a status quo we should maintain. ISAB encourages everyone to learn more about systematic racism around the world, in different forms and colors, tainted with a history of blood and tears, a tradition that sadly persists. The stronger the voices in the US, the louder the echoes around the world. It is thus imperative to show our united front against the racism plaguing nations across the globe.

International Student Advisory Board.

This piece was written by The International Student Advisory Board at F&M. Contact or with any questions.