Alan S. Caniglia

Fri, May 22, 2:58 PM

Dear Students,

Per my email of last Friday, here is a Google form that you should use to request funds under the federal CARES Act for expenses related to COVID-19.  We are also making institutional funds available for students who are ineligible for CARES Act funds per federal regulations, and all students who wish to request funds should use the same form. We would like to get these funds to you quickly, so please complete it and send it back to us as soon as you can! 

To access the form, go to this link:

Because the funds are from the federal government, there are many reporting requirements associated with their distribution. We’ve tried to make the questions on the form as straightforward as possible, despite the formality of the language. If you have questions, please contact Christine Alexander, Director of Institutional Research, at

We understand what a difficult time this has been for students and their families, and we are happy to be able  to provide some help.

My best wishes to each of you. We miss you on campus!

Alan Caniglia

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