By TCR Editing Staff Underclassmen

For our senior appreciation issue, we, on The College Reporter, wanted to take this chance to show our appreciation for the three seniors on our staff: Alex Pinsk, Katie Coble, and Gabby Goodwin. 

Alex Pinsk, the Editor-in-chief, led our team with gusto and greatness.  The College Reporter meetings were never dull as they were always filled with bopping songs and wonderful snacks. Alex encouraged writers to write what they were interested in, while also making sure important stories were published. With the innovative implementation of “The Spreadsheet of all Spreadsheets,” she ensured writers were committed and accountable for their articles, keeping the paper afloat. Alex is extremely kind, supportive, chill, and most of all, hard-working. Spending all Sunday afternoon working on the paper, Alex put a huge amount of time and dedication to ensure The College Reporter came out perfectly every week. She was always cheerful and willing to help even when she had many tasks of her own waiting to be completed. All her check-ins to see how we were doing and her famous “Have a great Sunday” after our Sunday meetings will forever be remembered. We thank her for all the hard work she has done for The College Reporter and she will be greatly missed!

When News Editor Katie Coble rejoined us this school year, she added her incredible wit and interesting factoids to our staff meetings. Her endless knowledge about current events, college gossip, and celebrity news kept us constantly entertained. Katie Coble is Jimmy Neutron: boy genius’ counterpart as she truly is a pure genius. Yet she is extremely humble all the same, never mentioning her awesome vlog until the college told us the news. Katie was truly dedicated to our paper. She filled the gaps in our sections, sometimes writing up to three articles a week, and we are still in wonder about how she was able to do that. Katie even extended her loving and witty nature on campus, keeping the bonds between the staff stronger than ever. Katie has incredible writing skills, with us editors barely making any comments, if any, to her brilliant, well-written articles. Katie was truly a ray of sunshine and without her, The College Reporter would not have been the same. We will miss her and her wonderful interesting stories, but wish her the best of luck in the future!

Managing Editor Gabby Goodwin showed up every Sunday morning with a great attitude and a smile on her face. She is simply a wonderful light on this Earth. Gabby is the quintessential sports guru, explaining technical sports terms so those of us who are not as well-versed in the sports lingo could understand.  She knows everything and anything there is to know about the latest sports news. Gabby also brightened up our meetings with humor and entertainment. We were always excited to hear the fun adventures she took whether it was the new best brunch place or a new aspect of Disney. Gabby’s understanding is unparalleled. Whether it is going through step by step how to do the layout of the paper or giving extra time to work on an article, Gabby was always extremely kind and accommodating. After all, she knows how life can get busy as she gracefully juggled a double major and minor, two sports, and many extracurriculars, all while managing to bring positivity and energy every day. The College Reporter will miss Gabby greatly and we thank her for everything she has done. 
We appreciate everything that they all have contributed to our staff, both in their work and in their spirit, and we will miss them tremendously when we start up The College Reporter next fall. However, we wish them the best of luck in the future and we know that they will go on to do amazing things out in the world.

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