Anne Piccolo: “How did you decide to be called ‘Matt & Kim’ instead of ‘Kim &

Kim: “This is gonna sound really nerdy, but Matt and I met at art school and graphically it looks better.”
Matt: “That’s what I told her, but really, it’s a thing. Starting with an ‘m’ and ending with an ‘m,’ starting with two small letters and going to a big ‘t,’ big ‘k,’ little ‘i,’ little ‘m.’”

Ed Sinitsa: “How would you stylize your genre of music?”

Kim: “It’s tough, and for a while we were struggling with it, especially when it comes to things like radio because we don’t fit on alternative rock or we don’t really fit on pop.”
Matt: “We decided on a genre: it’s indie dance.”
Kim: “Is that what it was? I can never remember.”
Matt: “It was. I mean, I don’t think we’re hopping on a country tour any time soon.”
Matt: “We’ll see! T-Swift gonna call me up, and I’ll be like, ‘Yo, Swifty, yeah.’”
Anne: “She’ll write a song about you if you say no.”
Matt: “And if you say yes. Either way!”

Bryce Loebel: “What’s your most listened to, most played song right now?”

Kim: “Well, I listen to music before going on stage.”
Bryce: “Wouldn’t that distract you? Music before you go on stage?”
Kim: “Nah, if I fuck up on stage, people are alright with that.”
Matt: “Yeah, I think sometimes bands mess up on stage and you can see them getting all mad at each other and it’s really uncomfortable, like watching mom and dad fight.”
Kim: “But back to your question…Meek Mill.”

Eric Belser: “We know that you’re into animal protection. If you could speak to that and to the F&M community about how we can help.”

Kim: “We did donations where you could win the t-shirt off my back. And letting people know you can go and volunteer because a lot of animals spend their time in crates and to have volunteers walk them and have that human contact is really important.”
Matt: “We played [a show] last week, and a volunteers came backstage and were like, ‘If you need anything, let us know,’ I was like, ‘If anyone has a dog.’ And sure enough, someone came back with a puppy! A husky puppy! It was awesome.”

—courtesy of WFNM