By Mackenzie Sherman || Contributing Writer

Photos courtesy of the author. 

My name is Mackenzie Sherman, and I am a sophomore on the women’s tennis team. Growing up, I always dreamed of playing a collegiate sport. Sports have always been my escape and my safe haven from everything going on in the world. I have played numerous sports ranging from basketball to lacrosse to softball, but tennis has always stayed with me. From the friends I have made and the life lessons I have learned, I am forever grateful for the power of sports.

Some of my biggest mentors and influences have come from my family, who are extremely sports-oriented. My dad played basketball at Gettysburg College, and he instilled in my brothers and me the beauty of sports. Playing a sport in college is not just about the wins and the losses, but the friendships and management skills made along the way that will last a lifetime. As a fun fact, I always mention that everyone in my immediate family played a sport at a college in the Centennial Conference. So when I play at their respective schools, they have a little difficulty rooting for Franklin and Marshall.

On another note, as an athlete at F&M, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to wear royal blue with a Diplomat logo on my chest. When I step out onto the court with my 10 best friends, representing the school I love, there is nothing more rewarding. My team is a special group of girls. Before college, I was envious of team sports. Tennis being the individual sport it is limits the team sport unity that everyone should experience. When coming to college, I was anxiously awaiting for my team to fill this void. 

I was fortunate to become instant best friends with my two classmates, Presley Daggett ‘25 and Jenna Harrison ‘25. We bonded over something more significant than just school— our common passion for tennis. As a team, we grow together, we sweat together, we compete together, and we have fun together. Most importantly, we trust each other. There are numerous times when my teammates were there for me with open arms during the many challenges of college. Whether it be the captains taking me to dinner, going for an afternoon walk, or having me over at their apartment, I will never forget these memories.

We are in the first month of our competition season, which is exciting! In the fall, we had our preseason matches, when we traveled to Virginia and Swarthmore for two tournaments. So far in our main spring season, we have played Johns Hopkins in our season opener and Vassar College on February 25th. This season we welcomed three new freshmen to the squad — Amelia Squires, Rebecca Bellick, and Jocelyn Chow — who will each play a critical role in our strong team this season. 

I am thrilled for my sophomore season to begin. I am looking forward to the many memories that come along with the season, and the success I know we will have with this amazing group of girls. I am forever thankful to Franklin and Marshall for providing me with this unbelievable support system. I hope to see you all at our home matches this season! Go Dips!

Sophomore Mackenzie Sherman is a Contributing Writer. Her email is