By Teagan Durkin || Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Teagan Durkin.

If you need inspiration for Epilogue’s prompt on beauty, search no further than the new coffee at Blue Line. At the beginning of February, Square One Coffee Roasters, a local Lancaster roaster and beloved favorite for those needing a delectable caffeine fix, partnered with F&M to provide various roasts to sleep-deprived students. Since then, the coffee has been well received: first, because it’s coffee — and any student, faculty, or staff on this campus is in desperate need of the aromatic drink of life; and second, because Square One is a high-quality and ethical brand.

Square One opened as a family-owned micro-roaster in Lancaster about sixteen years ago. Since that time, they’ve expanded their business and offerings, all while maintaining a high level of respect for what they serve, who they serve, and how they serve. For example, if you visit Blue Line and spot the Square One coffee bags, you’ll notice various titles on the ornately eclectic labels: Honduras, Costa Rica, and Rwanda, to name a few. Square One strives to maintain a strong relationship with its coffee providers to promote respect and quality from start to finish.

So next time you visit Blue Line, take a moment. Forget about the test you’re rushing off to or the homework you suddenly realize you forgot to do. Take a moment and appreciate the beauty in a nice, hot cup of coffee. 

Or an iced coffee, if you actually have any taste. 

First-year Teagan Durkin is a contributing writer. Her email is