By Rohail Spear | Managing Editor

You may be wondering about this title. Surely, I can’t be advocating for bullying people. Well, I am. So..

It is true that most people do not need to be bullied. However, there are a select few who do need to be bullied – who will actually benefit from being degraded in the long run. In reality, you are doing these people a favor. Who are “these people?” They include but are not limited to:

  • Someone who wears Gucci. Bully them for this.
  • Someone who wears sunglasses indoors. 
  • Someone who fake tans.
  • Someone who wears shorts in winter. 
  • Someone who has a beach/lake house.
  • Someone who collects empty bottles of alcohol.
  • Someone who has that app where they keep track of who unfollows them on Instagram.
  • Someone who lives in Roschel.
  • Someone who visits Cape Cod in the summer. 
  • Someone who is addicted to coffee.
  • People who hold hands in public.
  • Someone who is a genuine fan of Nash Grier and his child.
  • Someone who wears skinny jeans. Cheugy!
  • Someone who is loud around their crush.

If someone is doing any of the above, make fun of them for it. Trust me: society will be improved by doing so. 

Sophomore Rohail Spear is the Managing Editor. His email address is

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