By Akil Smart | Contributing Writer

Now, as many of us have seen, the F&M administration has made a small adjustment to our tuition. A mere 3.5% increase! Putting us at 80k for one year of study here at our beautiful institution. You should learn about junior savings rules to be able to afford your dream schools. For those of us who will wonder how much of this money will go back to the students, stop asking. 

In my humble opinion, F&M has done a great job at budgeting. With next year’s miniscule jump to an 80,000 tuition, I feel comfortable knowing that the administration truly does care. Although those of us who do not have a second home in Martha’s Vineyard may be worried, I’m here to put your mind at ease. Despite relegating some of us to the gutters of Brooks college house while others live it up within the lavish walls of Roschel. Even neglecting the Galactic star cruiser eyesore that is our art building. I take solace in knowing that the school always knows just the right time to order a food truck for us. Why would it matter that we’re cutting language programs when you have a Lanc cupcake in your hand. Your Favorite Teacher is leaving? Just wait in a three hour line for grilled cheese. You have severe mental illness and our therapists are booked out eight weeks? Here’s a BBQ truck. 

But it’s not only food trucks that F&M so graciously provided for us, they also care deeply about the upkeep of our school. For once they finally listened to what the students really wanted and truly needed, a brand spanking new carpet in CC. Saying it gives the building an entirely different look is an understatement, I’d say it’s the main takeaway for most tours. I’ve heard from various sources that many prospective students’ favorite part of F&M is the “phenomenal carpet in its student center”. And at least (for a good 2-3 years) we don’t have to wonder if that mystery stain under our feet was ketchup or something far worse! 

Keeping with the theme, a new addition that is very near and dear to the students hearts, the Dhall updates. While it hasn’t improved the state of the chicken, it certainly has made our lives much better (don’t ask me how, I don’t know). Now, many of you may be saying “It seems like F&M doesn’t know how to budget”. Well, my answer to you is yes they don’t, but neither do you so don’t judge. 

Sophomore Akil Smart is a contributing writer. His email address is

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