Photo by Christa Rodriguez

By Sarah Frazer || Staff Writer

On Friday, January 27, the DIVERSITY Council held a “Welcome Back Potluck” in the Steinman College Center’s Booth-Ferris room from 5p.m. to 7p.m.

The purpose of the potluck, according to the DIVERSITY Council co-chair, Melasia Washington, was to give students “the opportunity to get to know new people, and enjoy an activity that is inclusive and available to all.”

The food for the potluck was provided by the student clubs and organizations that the DIVERSITY Council is comprised of. These include Asian American Alliance, Active Minds, Asian Cultural Society, Black Student Union, First Generation Dips, International Club, IMPACT, InterfaithCouncil, SAGA, SISTERS, Dorm representatives, IFC, Panhel, SAAC, and the Executive Board.

The groups brought all kinds of food, some of it meant to represent their particular clubs, and other dishes that students just thought others would enjoy. Turnout for the potluck was approximately forty people.

The DIVERSITY Council, a student organization in Diplomatic Congress, works with F&M’s administration and students to create a positive, inclusive, and tolerant campus environment. The letters of DIVERSITY in its name stand for Dialogue, Involvement, Variety, Empowerment, Respect, Support, Inclusivity, Tolerance, and You. It has been active on campus for about a year. DIVERSITY Council, along with the College Entertainment Committee and all class years, are planning a big end of the year event—they hope students will stay tuned and join them at their next major event.

Sophomore Sarah Frazer is a staff writer. Her email is