By Kimberly Givant || Editor-in-Chief

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In lieu of recent discussions on campus and articles in our publication regarding student stress and mental health at Franklin & Marshall, The College Reporter would like to remind everyone of the Faris-Kreisel Mindfulness Program offerings.

The F&M academic culture is widely recognized for its rigor, however, no one outside the immediate college community really knows of the looming expectations and its impacts on the student mind and body better than our alumni. Knowing how important the upkeep of physical health and mindfulness is to all college students, but especially students at F&M, is why Tony Kreisel ’66 and his wife Dr. Kimberly Faris recently donated $1 Million to aid this cause on our campus.

Though the program will take a few years to run completely in effect, students should still consider taking part in mindfulness practices, such as yoga or meditation classes, joining de-stress discussion groups, and implementing everyday mindfulness into their busy schedules for the sake of remaining healthy, focused, and engaged in academics and in life. More discussions, classes, and mindfulness activities will be offered by this program in the future and students, especially those that are feeling overwhelmed, should look out for them and push themselves to attend in order to implement positive change for themselves and their overall success at this school.

The College Reporter supports mindfulness and carrying out respectful dialogues at Franklin & Marshall College.

We hope students and the entirety of the F&M community will be attentive to their mental health, consider practicing mindfulness, and continue a respectful, widespread dialogue through intellectual platforms like our news publication.

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