By Sojin Shin || Opinion and Editorials Editor

Photo courtesy of the subject

Hello, meet Mary! This composed, articulate young woman is an avid lover of life in every way imaginable; On one hand, she is a sharp-minded scientist who is eager to learn how our genes code us. On the other, she is a mellow philosopher who wonders why we exist, where we go, and how we must carry on. Stylish and relaxed, she comes to F&M with an expectation to fully partake in our wonderful community and scholarly atmosphere.

Q: Welcome to F&M! Can you introduce yourself to those who will read the article?

A: Hello. My name is Mary Foaud. I am from central Jersey. I plan to major in biology, and I am excited to be here.

Q: You already decided on your major? Amazing. Was there a particular moment or event that made you want to study it further?

A: I took AP bio, and it was a good class for me. I found it really interesting, and I wanted to do more research on the subject. Part of the reason why I chose F&M is because of the ample research opportunities, in fact.

Q: We have very strong research programs, indeed. Do you have any particular project in mind?

A: Right now it’s a vague idea. I don’t really know what I would do. I am interested in genetics and DNA, though.

Q: I see. Are there any other reasons that made you choose F&M over other schools you have applied to? 

A: I definitely liked the small community feel and the small campus. When I first visited here everyone was so welcoming–it seemed to me that they were like a small family. I also was interested in the club Unleashed and the LGBTQ+ community here.

Q: Do you identify yourself as part of the LGBTQ+ community? Did F&M feel like a tolerant place? 

Yes, I am bisexual. And yes, too. When I visited the campus I saw pride flags everywhere, so I thought that this pace was definitely supportive. I felt like it was a good community for me to be in.

Q: So being in an accepting family-like environment is important for you? Location often affects student experience a lot; do you like Lancaster?

A: Yeah, for sure. I love how Lancaster has it both. It has a little downtown, a small city almost. At the same time, I like how there are fields, nature, and all.

Q: I see! Do you like nature or outdoor stuff?

A: I have gone hiking often, especially this summer. I really like finding little lakes and rivers I can swim. It’s in my blood, although it’s more of a hobby than a competitive sports thing. I also like to skateboard.

Q: That’s cool. It was a pleasure meeting you, is there something people should know about you?

A: I always had a natural curiosity for the meaning of life and looking at things on a deeper level. I am very into philosophy and different philosophers. Whether it be a nihilist approach or existentialism, it excites me to have a discussion. I am minoring in philosophy, I think.  

Q: Great! I think you will do wonderfully. Lastly, are you a little nervous coming here during a quarantine?

A: I think they are taking a lot of cautions. I get regular updates, which I like. Also, the classes will be online even if we are on campus, so I feel pretty safe. I want to be on campus and study outside or just learn how to be more independent. Becoming a self-sufficient person is a goal I set for myself since everyone in high school is always pampered and babied.

Q: Great. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, I think you will do fantastically.

A: You are welcome! 

Mary is already on the Franklin & Marshall campus! She is nicely settled in Weis college house, although she is just getting to know her suitemates (she likes them). She has yet to get to know the campus too well, but she is excited to do so. Anyone in the same class as her will be lucky to have her astute, considered comments. Everyone, meet Mary! 

Junior Sojin Shin is the Opinion and Editorials Editor. Her email is