By Sophie Afdhal Associate Sports Editor ||

Instead of heading to their respective homes for Spring break, the women’s softball team headed  to Ft. Myers, Fla. to train for the season and compete in 10 games.

The team competed in the Gene Cusic Collegiate Classic, which spanned five days and offered the girls the opportunity to face off against new and past rivals. They began the week playing against Kenyon College and fell 6-0. Despite the early setback, the Lady Dips went on to win the next six matchups during the Classic. On the same day as the Kenyon game, F&M defeated Salem State University 7-2. That game began their momentum towards the six-game winning streak. Overall, the softball team finished the Classic with a 7-3 winning record.

The trip allowed for training, competition, and relaxation.

“A typical day in Florida would be to wake up early, team breakfast in the hotel lobby, then leave the hotel for two morning double headers,” said Sarah Kirk ’15. “After the games we were free to spend the day with our parents, sit by the pool, and rest up for the next games. Despite playing 10 games, we had a free day to explore Ft. Myers. Most of us took advantage of the warm weather and hit the beach.”

The trip was important for the women as it offered the opportunity to prepare for the season and to come together as teammates.

“Spring break definitely gave us the confidence for our upcoming Centennial Conference games,” said Kirk, “We finished with seven wins and three losses which was a fantastic run for the beginning of the season. We have a strong approach to our Conference games because of this trip.”

The team had several strong game persformances. In multiple games the team recorded multiple home runs while shutting out the other team.

The three losses that occurred were also close in score.

“My favorite moment of the trip was when we played our hearts out against Ohio Wesleyan University, and finished with a 6-5 victory,” Kirk said. “That game shows that we have what it takes to be a phenomenal softball team.”

The closeness of the team is another factor contributing to its continued success.

“I think the major strength of our team is the camaraderie,” Kirk said. “We are so close and we know as a collective unit, we are unstoppable. Personally, this is the greatest group of women I have ever played with, and I am so grateful.”

Kirk did emphasize that the team’s one weakness is self doubt.

“We sometimes forget how good we really are, and we have to remember to always stay positive and not get down on ourselves.”

The team is off to a strong start of the season and hopefully its performance at the Classic will lead to continued success. Women’s softball plays Ursinus College on March 25 in a double header.

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