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This week was a week to remember for F&M football. The team, now 7-2, 6-2 in conference play, took on nationally ninth-ranked Johns Hopkins University to beat them 14-12 Saturday. This marks the first time in five years F&M has defeated the always-impressive Johns Hopkins team.

Johns Hopkins was undefeated until they stepped foot on Lancaster turf at Mayser Field. The Hopkins team is now 8-1, 7-1 in conference play.

Hopkins won 22 straight games prior, so for F&M to take them down was truly something spectacular.

“This win was one of the best in our program’s rich history,” E.J. Schneider ’14, quarterback of the F&M football team, said. “To beat the number nine ranked team in the country at home on senior day was a blessing. The seniors deserved this victory.”

“Everyone did their own job and excelled at it,” added Sami Caygoz ’14, member of the Diplomats offensive line.

The game remained a low-scoring game throughout the entire 60 minutes. At halftime, the game stood a 7-0 lead, after Paul McGann ’15, wide receiver, snagged a 30-yard touchdown by Schneider in the second quarter. Jordan Zachery ’15, wide receiver, also put points on the board after catching a 19-yard pass by Schneider in the third quarter.

Schneider deserves particular merit, completing 20 out of 28 passes, and is responsible for a total of 189 yards and two touchdowns. Tim Muller ’14, wide receiver, is responsible for completing six passes and also deserves particular attention.

The defense was particularly on-point and held their own throughout the game. Linebacker Sam Massaro ’13 led the team with nine tackles. The offensive line was also on-point, with Sam Wojciechowski ’13, Chad Tothero ’14, Sami Caygoz, Sam Dickinson ’14, and Ryan Ignatovig ’16.

Throughout the game, the team members did not let Hopkins’ rank get to their heads.

“We never doubted that we could win,” Schneider said.

As for the remainder of the season, the team is going to take it day-by-day.

“Our motto has been ‘1-0 every week,’” Caygoz said. “We try not to let the past or following week affect our focus on the game at hand.”

On Saturday at 1 p.m. the Dips will be back at it against Gettysburg College, currently 5-3 in conference play, away in Gettysburg, PA.

Much like F&M this past weekend, next week will be Gettysburg’s senior week, a big week for the Bullets.

This will be F&M’s final regular season game, however the Dips have a shot at making playoffs.

The Dips are currently placed at second place in the Centennial Conference, tied with Muhlenberg College, who is 6-2, and one game behind Johns Hopkins who is 7-1, currently placing Hopkins at first in the conference.

“We will have to see what playoff implications are,” Schneider said.

After such a significant win this weekend, F&M football has made a statement that they are here to play and certainly a contender to beat Gettysburg this Saturday.

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