By Samantha Milowitz || Op-Eds Editor 

Hi guys! Sami here!

Welcome to my new food account on Insta!!!!

For those that are new here, let me catch you up to speed. When COVID first started, I felt pretty hopeless: I missed my friends, I was bored, and my parents were TOTALLY BUGGING ME. 

So, then I thought to myself: How can I fill my time? How can I give back to my community during a time of such devastation? And then I figured it out! 

I can make food!

No, I don’t mean food for the needy or anyone else, really. I mean food for me to take pictures of.

Not only can I make food, but I can eat food too. All kinds of food: Chinese food, Indian food, Italian food, sandwiches, pasta, bread, soup… It just all came together for me. I knew it would be hard, documenting every single one of my meals. Every. Single. Day. But, you know, I just had to make the decision to stick to it. And once I did, anything and everything was possible. 

You might be thinking, what does Sami’s food account have on it that I don’t already know? Well, as a college student, I cook most of my meals. Like, three meals a week! So that means I have to get creative so I don’t get bored of what I’m eating. 

One of my most popular and favorite meals is Kraft Mac n Cheese, which is a little complicated to make but, don’t worry, I always write out all my ingredients and instructions in the caption of the pic. Another one of my most favorite meals is a Pop-Tart. This is also pretty complicated if you don’t have a toaster, which I don’t at school, so I just put a skewer through it and roast it over the stove like a marshmallow! 

I take a lot of pride in the photos I take of my food. While most people just use apps to edit their photos, I set up a full studio inside my dorm-room: I got a green-screen, so I can place my foods in different settings, like one time I set my grilled-cheese sandwich in Paris! I also got a professional spotlight on Amazon so that my food comes out EXTRA glowy. 

And in just one year I’ve gained a following of 50 people! And they leave the most amazing comments about how my food has changed their lives! This one guy told me my cheeseburger was “hot stuff.” It’s just really amazing to know that during this crazy time I’VE made a difference. 

If you wanna give me a follow that would be TOTES amaze (and I will definitely follow back). 


Senior Samantha Milowitz is the Op-Eds Editor. Her email is