By Julia Chirls, Staff Writer ||

Lady Antebellum fans eagerly waited until Sept. 30 for the country band’s album release. The careers of the band members began early when they joined together for the release of their first album, Lady Antebellum, in 2008. The country rock album instantly hit #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. It contained several number one singles including “Love Don’t Live Here” and “I Run to You.”

Since 2007, Lady Antebellum produced country music and most recently debuted its sixth studio album, 747. The fourteen-song track list is destined to please its long-time, ever-growing audience. The band began the production process of 747 in 2013 and released two singles, “Long Stretch of Love” and “Bartender.”

The song that kicks off the album is the first single, “Long Stretch of Love.” This track tells the story of a couple that has a constant up-and-down relationship.  However, they are hopeful that one day they will uncover unforgettable memories.

“We kiss, we fight, make up our mind / You’re a blessing and a curse / And I don’t ever want to break this chain / I don’t ever want to walk away / Cause I ain’t ever gonna find another lover / Who will ever make me feel this way.”

This tune is the first by Lady Antebellum to incorporate a pop music sound. The addition brightens the mood for the emotional rollercoaster that the lyrics convey.

Lady Antebellum maintains its unique style while varying the beats, rhythms, and sounds of each song on the track list. The second song on the album and the second single, “Bartender,” has a constant tempo with varied ranges of notes. In the fourth tune, “Freestyle,” however, the band returns to its country roots.

Moving along the track list, the sixth song is “One Great Mystery.” With a slow beat and rhythm and lyrics that will immediately grab you, this tune speaks of a woman who wonders why she is loved.

“I keep searching for the answer desperately / Tell me, tell me baby, tell me please / What did I ever do to make you fall for me?”

The background music is slightly gloomy but just the right amount to fit the mood of the lyrics. Nonetheless, I could not stop replaying the song in my head. After a while, towards the end of the song, the listener could lose interest only because the storyline does not quite go any further than the wonder or beyond the mystery. Granted, “One Great Mystery” is the name of the song.  Perhaps there is a good reason for this!

After the song ends, the listener gets a chance to wonder and create his or her own ending to the story.

“I’ll keep asking through eternally / What did I ever do to make you fall for me?”

The possibilities are endless.

The 10th song on the album, “747,” explores a story of commitment, using a 747 plane as an analogy. The song talks about a man who is desperate to save his relationship; he would do whatever he can to save it, even fly a plane.

“Man I wish that I could fly this thing / give a little more gas a little more speed / This 747 can’t go fast enough, fast enough.”

The way the lyrics are sung puts an image in my head of the man desperately waiting on the literal plane. The beat and tempo also add to this picture, portraying every move that the man is making and every thought that is running through his head.

I highly recommend this album, not just to Lady Antebellum fans but also to anyone who loves to listen to music. The lyrics draw you in, and the rhythms make you want to sing along and even dance a little.

Lady Antebellum travels on tour from the United States to the UK to Mexico, and finally, to Australia until March 2015. 747 is currently available for purchase on iTunes for $13.99.

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