Full Staff Opinion

This week’s College Reporter edition features an exclusive interview by our Editor-in-Chief Kimberly Givant with Jeffrey Lord, a CNN political commentator and F&M alumnus. One small comment Lord made in this interview really stood out to all of us here at The College Reporter, and that was when he said he hopes students who attend the Homecoming event “2016 Presidential Election Perspectives” will learn and recognize the importance of how to “have a political conversation and still be friends.” This is a concept that is really important to us at TCR. And this concept need not only to apply to politics—social issues require this same kind of respectful dialogue. Free press is a privilege we must not take for granted. The College Reporter functions in order to provide a space where F&M students can express themselves and share their perspectives—in order to create a respectful dialogue in the written form for this community of active minds. We hope students do not lose sight of the important purpose this college newspaper serves. Without it, a crucial channel for this dialogue to take place will be blocked. We hope the students at Franklin & Marshall will participate in the Day of Dialogue this Wednesday, October 5, and will continue this dialogue in the future on campus, in the classroom, and by writing for The College Reporter.