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Tue, Sept 29, 4:26 PM

Dear Colleagues and Students,

As you know, the College is conducting periodic COVID-19 wastewater testing at campus residence halls.

We have just learned that a wastewater sample from Ware House has tested positive for the presence of COVID-19 virus. Due to an inadequate sample, the test result had been delayed, which is why we did not learn of this positive test at the same time as Bonchek’s positive test.

Effective immediately, all Ware residents must go into a modified quarantine. This means students must stay in their rooms except to go to the restroom and to go to the dining hall to pick up a grab-and-go meal. When they leave their rooms, they must wear a mask and must strictly observe the six-foot physical distancing rule at all times. Students will have to take their classes remotely until they are released from modified quarantine.

All Ware residents will be tested for COVID-19, along with all staff members who work in Ware. We are moving quickly to mobilize this large-scale testing effort. Testing will take place tomorrow Wednesday, Sept. 30. Those affected have been notified of this decision and will receive detailed information about sign-up times for testing. 

Affected students must quarantine until they have been notified by the Broad Institute of their personal negative test result. Accordingly, members of Ware College House who are not currently in residence will not be allowed to visit the house during this time.

I know this is difficult news for everyone on campus and especially for our students in Ware, and in Bonchek. 

This process of testing and quarantine is part of how we keep our community safe and functioning. As a reminder, the common sense protocols that are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 remain critically important: wash your hands, wear a mask, and maintain a physical distance of six feet. We appreciate everyone’s conscientious and ongoing observance of these important precautionary measures. It isn’t easy, but our combined efforts will help keep each individual and the whole community safe. 

Deb Moriarty

Interim Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs