By Crystal Olague || Contributing Writer

As you all know, the Super Bowl just passed and everyone was talking about one thing. Rihanna!

After a very long hiatus, Rihanna has graced us with her presence once again by performing during the halftime show. This was one of the most anticipated performances ever and she helped bring up to 5 million more viewers to this year’s Super Bowl. Her performance was stunning and the set up of the stage was incredible, with dancers on floating surfaces and running around the field. The setup was truly outstanding and the outfits were also very interesting, with Rihanna in a beautiful red jumpsuit with a breastplate from Loewe and her background dancers in white outfits. 

Focusing on the songs performed, I truly did love every single song and was so happy to hear her sing some of her most popular hits. My friends and I were screaming for every song that came on and we all sang it at the top of our lungs. I do wish she sang more of her older songs and took us down memory lane because it is most likely her last show and it would have been great if we got to hear all of the hits. I do think that it is really sad that this was her last performance because the Super Bowl wasn’t the best way for us to say goodbye to her. We all love the show because it is Rihanna, but I do believe that it could have been better or she could have had guests that we all love, who she has already collabed with, appear on stage as well. We all watched because hearing her sing took us back to a period in our lives that we all have been so desperately trying to get back to, but it is time we move on. 

Rihanna is moving onto the next step in her life and I fear that performing is not a part of that step. She is building her family, a dream she has alway had, and is a business owner of a makeup company that is one of the top brands currently. During her show, it was revealed that she was pregnant with her second child and even though this was an incredible announcement to hear, we all knew that this was the end of singing career. The show was more of her pregnancy reveal and a goodbye to her past as she starts her new life. If you’re an expectant mother as well, you can experience the magic of seeing your baby before birth with a 3D Ultrasound in Newmarket, ON, a service that brings your little one closer to you.

Now you can all attack me for my thoughts, but I do believe that the show could have been ten times better if she invited another artist who would have been able to dance or bring more hype to the show. By the end of her performance, while so many people were focused on her singing, the majority of the audience was trying to figure out if she was actually pregnant and what this meant instead of just enjoying the show.

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