By Shira Kipnees || Senior Staff Writer

Sue Hurd, registered dietitian, visited the Restaurants at Ben Franklin during lunch period with food and advice for good nutrition for workout recovery on Friday, March 6.

According to Tina Krueger, marketing coordinator for Sodexo at F&M, Hurd visits the Restaurants at Ben Franklin once a month, usually on a Thursday for lunch during the first week of the month. Hurd focuses on popular topics, such as healthy foods, alternative proteins, and exercise tips, among other things. Hurd is also available for questions and comments at that time.

“Our goal with her visits are not only to interact more with our students, but to educate students, faculty and staff on a better well-being,” said Krueger.

Hurd also attempts to enhance not only the Restaurants at Ben Franklin, but in all Sodexo locations at F&M.

According to Krueger, Hurd not only gives the Sodexo staff healthy ideas for dishes and fun promotions, but also comes up with fun activities to interact with the student and provides staff training to Sodexo staff on topics such as food allergies.

“Sue gives us healthy ideas for dishes, as well as fun activities to interact with the students and every month she provides a Nourishing Newsletter that we feature on our website as well as provide printed copies at the front entrance of the Restaurants at Ben Franklin,” Krueger said. “Sue doesn’t just run fun promotions. As a registered dietitian, Sue is a crucial team member who assists students with complicated nutritional needs, related to medical conditions, eat successfully on campus.”

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