By Crystal Olague || Contributing Writer

The time we have all been waiting for is finally here. Spring Break. That one week where we all pretend as if school doesn’t exist and that when we come back from break, we won’t be bombarded with a pile of work sitting on our desks. No no, we’re all going to be relaxing on the beach, running away from all our responsibilities, only to make bad decisions and claim that “whatever happens in spring break, stays in spring break.”

Spring break is the time when we all run to Florida for warmth and are in shock when we see the entire school all in Fort Lauderdale at the exact same time, as if that’s not where everyone goes. How original. This spring break I’ve decided to do something fun, so instead of taking a plane to Fort Lauderdale like the rest of this school, I will be road tripping there. See, that’s unique. That’s something cool. Will it be a 17-hour drive down there? Yes. Will it be a pain in the butt to get there? Yes, but hey, at least it will be a pretty drive. 

I think it’s funny how spring break is meant to be this relaxing break where we can just take a breather, but instead, we all stress ourselves out by planning these extravagant trips just so that we can get a tan and bikini pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever been more stressed out over a group trip than I have been over this one. Though I am so excited that our plans have finally made it out of the group chat, I do miss making imaginary plans knowing that it will never come true. Hopefully, we can find other things to do besides sitting on the beach, wishing for something wild to happen to us so we can come back and brag about it. 

Despite all of us “randomly” being in the same state next week, it will definitely be a time to remember, and if you aren’t there this break, you’re gonna wish you were. 

Junior Crystal Olague is a Contributing Writer for The College Reporter. Her email is