Eniyah Brown-Moore || Contributing Writer

Our struggle will never end in an institution that was created for the sole benefit of wealthy white men. When I transferred from the illustrious Howard University this fall, I could never fathom the magnitude of suffering I would endure here. I have come from a university that uplifted, nourished, and valued my identity to an institution that politicalizes my being and neglects my needs as a Black woman. F&M needs to be held accountable for their neglect to systematically accommodate for students of color in light of their push for diversity on this campus. If and when the demands made by the students are met, the fight must continue until students of color are no longer oppressed. This fight is the continued fight of our predecessors and we are making one more leap towards equity on Franklin & Marshall’s campus.

Eniyah Brown-Moore is a Contributing Writer. Her email is ebrownmo@fandm.edu