Photo courtesy of Teagan Durkin

For any college students in need of highly caffeinated but still delicious coffee, visit Mean Cup. For any college students who want to “lock in” and “study,” but actually just want to pretend they’re the main movie character while sipping on a sweet latte, visit Mean Cup. For any college students who want to ignore the mounting pile of work piling up and pressing emails crowding their inbox, and pretend, if just for a moment, that they have graduated college, secured a highly creative yet well-paying job in the big city, and are merely taking their paid lunch hour in a trendy cafe . . . . 

Visit Mean Cup.

Although the Wifi has not been reviewed to be dependable or not, Mean Cup boasts a friendly atmosphere that can accommodate anyone who happens to need an iced coffee and a sweet treat: tired students, parents wrangling several rambunctious toddlers, and anyone who falls in between or along this scale of exhaustion and stress. Along with a variety of baked items, such as a decently sized handheld quiche, Mean Cup is famous for a plethora of iced coffee flavors and signature drinks.

Located just a five minute walk from Franklin and Marshall College, Mean Cup is an institution that is as collegiately enshrined as any actual campus building. Perhaps more so. For some F&M students, and even faculty, I’ve run into them more often in Mean Cup than the actual classes. Mean Cup’s iconic logo is also a frequent sight: set against an orange backdrop, a monochromatic coffee cup doodle scowls at its patrons. In my opinion, the logo is synonymous with the average Mean Cup experience.

Enter, teeth gnashing, feeling exhausted and irate.

Exit, a smile on one’s face and a coffee in one’s hands. 

Sophomore Teagan Durkin is the Opinions Editor. Her email is