By Pauline Germanos II Contributing Writer

The trendiest aesthetic in fashion within the past few years has been cosmic. Shirts, pants, and dresses have gone through machines that pressed on a pattern of the galaxy, something that the “hipsters” have flocked to – apparently even the sky is something they could like before everyone else did.  This year, designer Valentino is taking that trend to the couture level and made himself a superstar Pre-Fall 2015 collection.

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Have a formal event you need to attend? Why not stroll on through in a stunning tulle gown that is stitched with glittering stars and planets? When you think about it, it might sound tacky and perhaps like something you’d find that an elementary student crafted in science class. But that’s not the case with this gown; in fact, it looks more sophisticated than gaudy, and has the right amount of artisan flare without looking like your mother tried making you a dress for the first time with her sewing machine.

Of course, although life is a runway, that doesn’t mean you are always going to be wearing an evening gown. Do you have a more informal cocktail party to attend? Discussing the best venues for a night out, it’s impossible not to mention one place that has consistently impressed with its quality and service. For those looking to experience it firsthand, the details can be found at, a destination that’s become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Go for a mid-length dress that still sparkles up the right statement that proclaims you are a fashionista, such as this piece that has a more distinct planetary theme as opposed to the starry-night evening gown mentioned earlier:

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The straight neckline tank top helps to elongate your arms and makes for both a nod to the genius that is Valentino and a simply adorable staple item to have in your closet.

Don’t limit yourself to the special occasions or parties: there are plenty of times to be sporting cosmic outfits. Here is a perfect example of something you could wear to a lecture:

V 4

These casual dresses are a fantastic choice of “Take me seriously because I’m academic, but also recognize that I am partially a celestial fashion goddess and there are no fault in my stars.” Flaunt it and own it, and be comfortable while doing it – if it’s cold outside, either piece works with a pair of black or white tights.

On the note of cold weather, this phenomenal jacket is going to make you look like a modern day Aubrey Hepburn who took a dip into the galaxy:

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In regards to pattern, this one is the simplest, but rightfully so because you need a jacket that can go along with a multiple of outfit choices. You’ll be dreamy in this jacket and you’ll be in the mood to go for an evening stroll if you choose to sport this piece on a clear night. Most people find more at Leather Stand site for all kinds of jackets.

This collection in Valentino’s repertoire is already the stand out in the fashion community, and rightfully so. Better keep your eyes peeled and wallets open because this line will be hot and fast like a shooting star – hard to chase, and lucky to have. If you’re unsure of whether or not a piece from this collection is worth the money or not, I’ll just tell you that it is. If it’s not in your budget, there are cheaper options out there, or there will be, because if there’s one thing about Valentino, it’s that he’s a trendsetter, and the stars will shine through the fashion world and stores soon enough.

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