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Sexy is back. Justin Timberlake has returned after a six-year hiatus with his newest album, The 20/20 Experience, which dropped a few days ago. The album includes the infectious, sexy song “Suit & Tie,” featuring Jay-Z, which Timberlake debuted on this year’s Grammy’s. The album has no shortage of Timberlake’s amazing falsetto, which is sure to leave more than a few girls sighing and fanning themselves. “Suit & Tie” pretty much sums up the kind of songs one can expect on the album: a mix between slow and fast tempos with catchy hooks and rhythms. It’s a great listen for any JT fan or anyone looking for a great album to jam to.

“Suit & Tie” is addictive and impossible to get out of one’s head. It starts out slowly with a dramatic trumpet introduction, but then picks up with Timberlake’s falsetto and its catchy beat. Jay-Z adds another layer of amazing to the song, with his signature style and rhymes. Jay-Z and Justin together? How could it not be great? The lyrics are amusing and add to the charm of the song with lines such as “so thick, now I know why they call it a fatty.” Timberlake’s personality definitely shines through on the tracks, and their poppy, up-tempo feel keeps listeners grooving.

Another promising song on the album is “Mirrors,” which has a slightly different feel than the other songs on the album. The other songs like “Suit & Tie” and “Pusher Love Girl” have the qualities of more dancehall, grind kind of songs. “Mirrors” starts off with a dramatic guitar intro, which then shifts to a downbeat and sounds more like a live track. The song is talks about having someone who is a reflection of you and not wanting to let that person go because they complete you. It’s a nice song and does not have as much falsetto as the other tracks. Like the other tracks on the album, it is quite lengthy, but it works and the time goes by quickly. It’s also a catchy song, explaining why it’s the second single.

Another interesting track on the album is “Blue Ocean Floor,” its purpose being to provide somewhat of a relief from the louder and more upbeat songs on the album. It starts off with the sounds of the beach, and then what sounds like a tape recorder starting over again, before transitioning into an even beat. It definitely is the slowest and most trippy-sounding song on the album. To be honest, I kind of zoned out in the middle of it and was surprised that it was still playing. However, it is a nice break from the up-tempo, overwhelming songs on the album, which have a more R&B, pop feel to them.

The song lends to the only downside of this album: the songs bare a striking resemblance to “the song that never ends.” Not literally, although I bet he could make even that song sound incredible. The tracks on the album are seven to eight minutes long, and I often found myself zoning out and not realizing it was the same song playing.

[three_fourth]With this album, though, Justin Timberlake shows he’s still got it. He is one of those artists who just exudes talent: he can sing, dance, and act. He is just phenomenal. The 20/20 Experience is definitely a must-get; it’s a great album full of amazing songs, perfect for dancing or jamming. Overall, it’s a solid comeback for JT.

Review Rating:
Although songs tend to drag on, 20/20 stands out in his catalogue.


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