Photo courtesy of Free Pik.

If one finds that they’re late for class, having curled under the covers in a fruitless attempt to pretend that the cruel arrival of final exams, projects, and papers is not ever advancing with cold determination . . . .

Then DHall was most likely the only breakfast option.

However, never fear. Although DHall might not have Blue Line’s – pardon, the Diplomatic Cafe’s – full beverage menu, a little ingenuity and a lot of sleep-deprived desperation can go a long way towards creating a lovely little coffee. 

Recipe for A DHall Mocha

  1. Take either a mug or clear glass, depending on if you want hot or cold coffee. Before pouring in the selected temperature of beverage, pour in a hot cocoa packet.
  2. Take a wooden stir and mix until the hot cocoa powder chunks dissolve.
  3. That’s it. Enjoy and pretend it’s an artisanal brew from a little-known but up and coming cafe.

Sophomore Teagan Durkin is the Opinions Editor. Her email is