By Josh Hoffman || Club Council Chair

In conjunction with the new Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (formerly the Office of College Programs), Club Council recently hosted its twice-annual Student Involvement Fair on Friday, January 22. More than 60 clubs attended the event this semester, which is an increase in previous semesters’ attendance. Although 60 clubs might not sound impressive considering the over 130 clubs on campus, the Spring Student Involvement Fair normally has lower attendance compared to its partner event in the fall. This mixed with the snowstorm that was pending makes 60 clubs a proper showing of the F&M Community’s resilient spirit, not to mention the several dozen students that signed up for new clubs.

In a time of increased student apathy towards student government, there is always the concern that club life will suffer from a declining membership. I am happy to report that quite the opposite is happening. More and more students turn to the camaraderie that clubs offer as a way to relax after a long day, enrich their education with bilateral synergies, and create a community that students want to be apart of. At Club Council, we added nine new clubs last semester, and already have several on the docket to add this semester. Student club engagement is at an all-time-high, and such factors bode well for the semester ahead. With continued club growth and investment in clubs by our administration, club leaders will do what we do best — make F&M the most robust and diverse environment around.

Junior Josh Hoffman is the chair of Club Council. His email is