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The Diplomatic Congress (DipCon) has created a Sustainability Committee in the spirit of F&M’s commitment to green initiatives. Sean Tippen ’14, who was chosen for the position because of his experience with various environmental groups across campus, will chair the new committee.

“The committee was created in an attempt to promote sustainability by discussing sustainable initiatives with our school’s student leaders,” Tippen said.

According to Tippen, the committee’s first initiative and main goal of this academic year will be to remove, or at the very least reduce, the use of disposable plastic bottles across campus.

If successful, F&M will join a growing crowd of other colleges and universities who have reduced the use of disposable water bottles on their own campuses due to environmental concerns.

To accomplish this the committee intends to provide each F&M student with a reusable water bottle and to install multiple water bottle refill stations across campus. The water bottle refill stations will provide students with access to free filtered water at the touch of a button so they will no longer be tempted by the convenience of plastic bottles.

Anyone interesting in joining the new Dipcon Sustainability Committee should contact Sean Tippen at

The other committees representing student needs on the Diplomatic Congress are the Quality of Student Life Committee, the Public Relations Committee, the Community Outreach Committee, the Food Committee, and the Public Safety Task Force. At this time, the committees have begun to gather support from within the student body. Students can volunteer to serve on any of the committees.

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