Erin Moyer || Senior Editor 

On Friday, F&M hosted a vigil to observe Transgender Day of Remembrance. Students, faculty, and members of the College’s administration gathered on Hartman Green to honor and remember those who were killed in acts of anti-trans violence.

A purple banner was placed in the center of Hartman Green, with 99 names of those known to have been killed in acts of anti-trans violence written on it. The banner was surrounded by 50 flowers and 99 unlit tealights. Those attending the vigil gathered around the banner in a circle to observe and reflect on those lives lost.

Three members of the college community spoke as the vigil began. Tiana Quattrucci ’16 highlighted individuals whose lives have been taken from them:

She said, “Today we remember. We remember the young trans person who took their own life before fully being able to live. We remember the trans people who were senselessly murdered because of their gender identity or the way they looked. Today we remember black trans women who experience greater violence than most. Today we remember the people like Penny Proud who was shot to death in Louisiana. Or Mercades Williamson who was beaten in Alabama at the age of only 17. Today we remember Leelah Alcorn who committed suicide after her own parents couldn’t accept who she was. Today we remember.”

After Quattruci spoke, two other community members said a few words. Anthony Lascoskie, Allies Resource Center Coordinator, then rang a bell to represent souls going to heaven.

Reverend Susan Minasian explained to those gathered that she and Anthony Lascoskie had wanted to light the tea lights, but they wouldn’t stay illuminated. But, she continued, perhaps that was almost a more powerful symbol; the unlit lights represented lights that had gone out, that were extinguished, by brutality against transgendered people.

After those at the vigil spoke, attendees were invited by Reverend Minasian to stay, reflect, and take a flower or a tea light as a symbol of remembrance.

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