As the 2024 Summer Olympic Games are coming up in Paris, France, let’s do a historical recap of the most important sports competition in the world.  The games started over a thousand years ago, dating back to 776 BC in Olympia in southern Greece. The Olympics were created to honor Zeus, the king of gods from ancient Greece. Some of the sports were running, shot put, and boxing.

The 2024 Olympic Games are coming up this summer in Paris, France. Paris is the capital of France, so much excitement is building up as it gets closer to the date. The games are held every four years in a different country, the last ones happened in Tokyo, Japan. Summer Olympic athletes are very excited to participate in the games as it is the biggest reward for an athlete. As the time is coming for the Olympic games, a bunch of athletes are qualifying for the games. Many qualifying games are coming this month, some examples of sports are shooting, fencing, and aquatics.

More than 10,000 thousand athletes are coming to Paris, the city has built three new facilities to accommodate them in addition to the many facilities that will be provided for the athletes. To host the sporting events much of the patrimony of Paris will be used such as the Seine River, Rolland Garros, the Grand Palais and many more. 

Paris has hosted the Olympics before in 1924 and now the French capital is getting a chance once again a hundred years later. Paris is working very hard to prepare for this big event as it is expected to welcome 15.3 million visitors in the city and its surrounding areas. Tourists around the world are filled with joy and emotions to attend the games and be there in person as for many people this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. The citizens of France are going to be so overwhelmed with tourists and visitors as they will cause so much traffic and chaos to get to each event.

A century after hosting its first game, Paris will host surfing for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games as one of the newest sports. Surfing will take place in Tahiti. The coral reefs alongside Tahiti have been in the ocean for a long time and are vital for some animal’s habitats. Considering the facilities built for the new surfing competition, some people are worried that surfing might harm the coral reefs. 

Everyone is very excited to watch the Olympics and countries are anticipating to have many gold medals won by many athletes. With the Olympics coming up, I am really excited about swimming and track. I love watching the Olympics every four years. There are many disciplines, but my favorite sports are swimming and track. Watching professional athletes swim and compete against one another to get medals, makes me remember all the times when I used to swim. 

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