Did you hear that F&M’s yearbook is back? After a brief hiatus, Franklin & Marshall students are thrilled with the return of a classic, memorable tradition. First established as The Oriflamme in the 1900s, F&M’s yearbook has a long history of highlighting the very best. 

Co-Presidents Crystal Olague and Kayla Reed are ecstatic to reinvent the yearbook for the class of 2024. So far, the Diplomats Forever yearbook has a committed executive board and large general assembly, all ready to bring this to fruition.

“I wanted to bring the yearbook back as a way to preserve all the memories we made with each other during our time here at F&M and really wanted to have one to keep for myself,” explained Crystal. The last edition of the yearbook was published six years ago in 2018; it seems like a revamp is long overdue.

Kayla shares similar sentiments: “Cameras have been a big part of my college experience as well as my friends, and I wanted to have a space where we could put all these memories together. I’ve really enjoyed the process of working with our board and the senior class cabinet to make a book that represents some of the best years of my life.” With leaders this passionate, the yearbook is headed to success. 

The oldest yearbook that members have seen of The Oriflamme on campus is from 1923 – a wild testament to the timeless nature of these books. Although geared towards the senior class, the yearbook is an exciting keepsake for all members of the community. In this year’s edition, students can expect pictures showcasing campus-wide events, senior portraits, sports and club highlights, advertisements, superlative shout-outs, and more. If interested in purchasing a yearbook for $60 (to be delivered to your home address over the summer or for pick-up on campus next fall), please visit this link: https://www.balfour.com/pennsylvania/lancaster/franklin-and-marshall-college/yearbook-packages

If you are a senior interested in getting your senior portrait taken for the yearbook and haven’t signed up for your time slot yet, please do so ASAP at this link: https://www.laurenstudios.com/ . Photos will be taken by Lauren Studios next week, February 12-16, 2024 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Questions regarding advertisements in the yearbook as well as general inquiries can be directed to co-presidents Crystal Olague and Kayla Reed.

Senior Olivia Schmid is a staff writer. Her email is oschmid@fandm.edu.