By Crystal Olague || Staff Writer

Welcome back my lovely book worms. For this week’s edition I’ve decided to do something a little different. Instead of reviewing books this week, I want to give some recommendations for you guys to read based on their genre. 

Starting off with my favorite genre, romance! Two books that I highly recommend to you guys are Better Than The Movies and The Do-Over. I already did a book review on Better Than The Movies, which you guys should totally check out, but I’ll give a quick synopsis of The Do-Over. 

This book revolves around a teen girl, Emilie, who spent her entire life being perfect and planning out every single detail. At the start of the book, we see Emilie getting ready for her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend, and she has everything planned so it’s the perfect day. To her surprise, everything that could go wrong went wrong! She got into a car crash, lost his college scholarship, got cheated on, and her father decided to move away with her step-family and didn’t think to ask Emilie to come with. Surprisingly, that night when Emilie went to bed, she woke up the next morning and realized it was still Valentine’s Day. We watch as Emilie tries to navigate what is going on and how she is going to find a way out of that cursed day. I won’t say anymore, but this was an amazing book and had me hooked from the start.

For the next genre, I would like to talk about some fantasy books. Three books I highly recommend are The Ninth House, Three Dark Crowns, and The Cruel Prince. I already gave a book review about The Ninth House and plan on giving an in depth review about the Three Dark Crowns and Three Dark Crowns soon, so stick out for those to come. 

Moving onto some dramas, I would like to recommend Magnolia Parks and Emma. Here’s a little quick synopsis about Emma. This book revolves around a young woman named Emma who likes to spend her time trying to play matchmaker for all the women around her and refuses to find that love for herself. We watch as she tries to set her best friend up with a new suitor, despite her friend being in love with another. As the story progresses, we soon find out that Emma isn’t the best matchmaker and is blinded by her imagination, which tends to mess up the lives of those around her. By the end of the book, everyone ends up finding love, but the journey to find it was truly a hassle. 

For the last genre, I would like to talk about some thrillers and mystery books. I highly recommend everyone to read Verity, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, and The Silent Patient. I have previously given a book review about The Silent Patient and plan on giving an in depth review about Verity very soon. As for A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, I am currently reading that right now! So feel free to get the book and read it with me or wait for a book review on it. 

I also wanted to ask you guys to comment some of your favorite books or anything you would like me to read and review. That’s all for this week, I hope you all have an amazing week and I will see you next week in Crystal’s Corner. 

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