By Anika Willander || Contributing Writer

February 15th, 2023 was Day 339 of being a girl for Dylan Mulvaney. Their TikTok page, which has amassed over 10 million followers, has been as active as ever since the influencer’s long-awaited facial feminization surgery reveal. Dylan has displayed and shared her transgender journey with the TikTok community since the first Days of Girlhood post, which will be celebrating its first anniversary in March. She has shared with us the struggles of being a transgender woman while also celebrating the joys of girlhood! She posts relatable content not only for the transgender community, but also for those deeply devoted to following along on her navigation of this journey we call life.

Dylan’s bubbly personality, content, and positive outlook have allowed for some amazing opportunities. Within the past year, she has been able to collaborate with other celebrities such as Kris Jenner, Kathy Hilton, and other content creators. She even interviewed President Joe Biden. Dylan’s journey has definitely not been easy navigating transphobia and internet hate. Her resilience, however, always helps her come out on top, with talking back to “the haters” and transphobic people that frequent the comment sections. Although their words are cruel, it is not going to stop Dylan from being her vibrant self.

Dylan’s facial feminization surgery was performed by world-renowned plastic surgeon Doctor Harrison H. Lee, who is known for celebrity facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Lee provided Dylan with multiple changes including a hairline advancement, a brow bone shave, a rhinoplasty, minor cheek enhancement, a little lip lift, a jaw shave, a chin reduction, and a tracheal shave. Dylan teased her eagerly awaiting followers with sneak peeks of her new face throughout the healing process. On January 27th, 2023, Dylan Mulvaney released spectacular photographs and artistic videos of her new look. Hundreds of thousands of likes and comments flooded both her Instagram and TikTok upon the unveiling. Soon after the reveal of her healed facial feminization surgery, Dylan also debuted at the Grammys Red Carpet on the fifth of February. She created content with one of her 2023 vision board prospects: American actress, Laverne Cox. Being transgender herself, Cox thanked everyone for their support for Dylan and stated that she thinks it’s “Really important that we have support from people and love from folks” but also “it’s important for all the trans people out there who maybe aren’t getting that.”

Recently on February 8th, Dylan posted to TikTok to check in with some life updates… so watch out for Dylan in New York City for fashion week! She talked about her less frequent posts about the Days of Girlhood as she is embracing her femininity, comfortability, and womanhood. Keep an eye out for her one-year celebration of the Days of Girlhood and to see what Dylan Mulvaney conquers next!

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