By Ellyn Fritz || News Editor

In The College Ranking List from the Wall Street Journal for 2021, Franklin & Marshall jumped from number 91 in 2020 to 76 in 2021. In the rankings for Liberal Arts Institutions, F&M was listed 26th, right above Bucknell. 

For the student survey results, F&M received a score of 7.7/10 for students who responded they would choose the school if they were able to repeat the college process. Again, F&M had a 7.7/10 score of “yes” from students on the question “Does your college provide an environment where you feel you are surrounded by exceptional students who inspire and motivate you?” The final survey question asked whether or not students felt that the cost of tuition was worth the experience—the response was a 7.3/10. Franklin & Marshall’s overall score was 69/100.

This score is calculated from a combination of ratings of student outcomes, academic resources, student engagement, and learning environment. Student outcome (graduates’ salaries and debt) is the highest weighted factor at 40%, while academic resources (institutions’ spending) comprised 30%. Student engagement, which refers to how prepared recent graduates feel to draw upon their education in the real world, contributed 20%; the last 10% of the score is drawn from the ratings of the school’s learning environment of the school, which takes into account diversity in the student body and staff.

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