By Diana Lichtenstein || Onion Dip Columnist

Alumni weekend was a perfect time to see those who have graduated, connect with the alumni, and have fun. But can we all agree that we are glad it’s now over? 

 When I saw an alum jogging at 9 AM, Friday morning of alumni weekend, I knew we were in for a quirky time. I was greeted with a big hug and enjoyed the hospitality, but I wasn’t ready. I was not nearly ready for the alumni to take back their space just yet. I was prepping myself to be ready for their arrival Friday night, no earlier. I also had several questions for this jogging alum. How was she able to take off work? Does she work? Do alumni come to F&M just for the weekend and keep their workout schedule? But back to the career question, considering some recent graduates were at Hildys by Tuesday night, I think that the COVID-19 hiring slump might still be a thing- but maybe they were logging onto Microsoft Teams from the Lancaster Arts- what do I know.

Also, I never understood why alumni weekend and parents’ weekend were clumped together. It is far too much and it is too overwhelming. Trying to balance dinner with the fam while running out to go enjoy the nights’ shenanigans with the alumni felt too rushed. I know others feel the same. Additionally, I did not need to be reminded that graduation is approaching for two whole days. Being lectured about how amazing post-grad is, or at the opposite side of the spectrum, how depressing post-grad is, wasn’t that fun. I know it’s depressing; I’m choosing to ignore my reality. Seeing the alumni reminded me that we are soon going to be alumni….so no thanks.

On the one hand, alumni weekend was stressful for me, but on the other, it was relatively lame compared to other weekends. Personally, I went to bed earlier than I have on any other weekend this year. 2 AM. Pathetic. When I was a Freshman, I had the image that alumni weekend would be the “craziest weekend of all time”. It just wasn’t. I did enjoy the tea from alumni relations that occurred (if you get my drift). That was fun. Now we just have to get through Halloween weekend, prayers to us all. 

Senior Diana Lichtenstein is the Onion Dip Columnist. Her email is