By Jesika Islam || Assistant Arts & Leisure Editor

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For those of you who could not bear to deal with the Tom Brady winning his fifth Super Bowl ring you missed out on Luke Bryan’s wonderful acoustic rendition of the National Anthem and Lady Gaga’s Half Time Show.

As disappointed as I was watching the Atlanta Falcons lose to the New England Patriots, Lady Gaga’s performance definitely did not disappoint. She began with a soulful mash up of “God Bless America,” “This Land is Your Land,” and the Pledge of Allegiance. The sections of three songs were performed at the top of the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Then Lady Gaga, with apparently not a single care in the world plunged down to her stage. Although, it is now known that the plunge from the top was prerecorded, her actual descent started about half way down from the top, which is still a spectacle on itself.

She then launches into a combination of her songs “Poker Face” and “Love Game,” the two songs that really helped her gain her mainstream fame. The songs are accompanied by a fire show, and Lady Gaga performing acrobatics while flying through the air, still attached to her harnesses. Finally on the ground, Lady Gaga joins her backup dancers in “Born this Way.” She looked completely comfortable performing for the 72,200 spectators at the Stadium and the 112 million people who watched the Super Bowl from home. Lady Gaga also performs “Telephone,” giving us all the false hope that Beyoncé will join her in a surprise appearance. Then she pulls out a Keytar and jumps into “Bad Romance.”

Lady Gaga gives a chilling, poignant performance of “Million Reasons,” at her piano. In the middle of her song, while fulfilling her lifelong dream to perform at a Super Bowl, Lady Gaga says hello to her parents, reminding us of her humanity. After a costume change into a cropped football jersey, she does her last song of the night “Bad Romance” that has a dance routine, fireworks and finally she drops her microphone, catches a football and jumps into a hole. Leaving us all wondering about the goddess that is Lady Gaga.

People were surprised that in today’s climate that Lady Gaga, an advocate for feminism and equal rights for all, did not include a political statement. With Beyoncé’s clearly politically charged performance at Super Bowl L, Lady Gaga’s more subtle political opinions were eclipsed. She did, however, make a comment on President Trump’s immigration ban by enclosing “This Land is Your Land” a welcoming song about open borders, with two of the most patriotic songs “God Bless America” and the Pledge of Allegiance. Lady Gaga also chose to perform “Born this Way” a song about acceptance, of inclusion of everyone, and a song about embracing differences not shying away from them. Perhaps Lady Gaga did not intend for her performance to be political but her opinions on current climate definitely shone through.

As far as Lady Gaga’s outfits went, there was criticism that Lady Gaga’s final outfit was unflattering because it exposed her belly. Lady Gaga, fearlessly, showed that she is a great performer, and that a toned stomach is not necessary to succeed, or necessary to be considered beautiful. With her choice to wear this outfit, Lady Gaga spoke up for those bullied because of their bodies, and shut down all the people whom were body shaming her.

Lady Gaga’s performance was a memorable one. She performed like a professional while also commenting on the country’s political status and reminding her audience that she is too human. Her choice of music also reminded the country of 2010, acceptance, patriotism and the bad ass that is Lady Gaga.

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