By Kyle Huntzberry || Satirical Columnist

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Matt Jones, a local Franklin & Marshall student, felt uncomfortable expressing his views at the campus’ recent Day of Dialogue.

According to F&M, the Day of Dialogue was an attempt to create a time and space to reinvent the community, while embracing diversity, commonality, and relationships with one another.

Jones, a sophomore who majors in Government, is planning on voting for Donald Trump this coming November.

“Look, I’m not in love with the guy and don’t condone what he has said about Muslims and Mexicans,” said Jones, “but I also want to keep the Supreme Court conservative, and I’m very turned off by the corrupt Clinton machine. I feel like my views are pretty reasonable.”

However, Jones felt unsafe coming out as a Trump supporter at the Day of Dialogue, out of fear of being attacked with insults on his character.

Jones recently stated, “It’s not socially acceptable to be a Trump supporter on F&M’s campus. I’ve tried to make my case in a rational manner, but I always end up getting labeled as an ignorant person who doesn’t care about minorities. I just wish people wouldn’t insult my character for my views.”

Jones continued, “Honestly, I don’t really understand how you could possibly think it’s okay to have a woman in a position of power. I’m really having a tough time wrapping my head around it.”

“They’re too emotional and can’t be trusted with big decisions,” Jones continued, “I hope I’m not coming off as insensitive, but I just pray that people don’t vote for that nasty, crooked, evil, lying piece of s–t that is Hillary Clinton.”

Senior Kyle Huntzberry is a satirical columnist. His email is