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The Olympics may be considered the biggest stage in the world, but after the event is over and done with I believe its greatest stars should move on to an equally large venue: television. Here is my list of where the 2012 London Games’ biggest stars should end up.

1. Michael Phelps:
I would love to see the most decorated athlete of all time, take on a different challenge: Wipeout! I feel as though this would be comical because Phelps would win even if he fell into the water, but it would also test him on land as well.

2. Ryan Lochte:
The heartthrob of the games definitely has to do the Amazing Race with Phelps. I would love to see these two swim bros try to circumvent a Romanian forest with no water in sight. Also, Ryan could do anything that involves modeling or bars.

3. Gabby Douglas:
America’s sweetheart definitely needs to be on 30 Rock so Liz Lemon could fawn all over her. Either that or Parks and Rec; she deserves praise!

4. Aly Raisman:
I would love to see the Gold Medalist in Olympic Floor Exercise give another shout out to her Jewish heritage. She could become assistant to Fiddler On The Roof-esque matchmaker, Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker. Raisman’s parents would serve as perfectly hysterical “Yoda” figures for the show.

5. Makayla Maroney:
Miss Unimpressed needs to become the new Simon Cowell of ANY REALITY SHOW. I’d watch her judge anything, even people’s taxes. One better, she should be on a reality show WITH Mr. Cowell.

6. Lebron:
As one of the most notable players on the “Dream Team,” Lebron deserves a different venue, a beard-judging reality show. I would love to see Lebron comment on 1800s Presidential-style facial hair. Maybe for an episode.

7. Sanya Richards-Ross:
As one of the fiercest runners in history, Ms. Richards-Ross and her NFL husband should have a reality show about being one of sports’ power couples. I would love to see how they settle arguments — race for it?

8. Tom Daley:
Anything. PUT HIM ON TV.

So there you have it. I salute all the Olympians for defying records and embracing the very human desire for friendly competition. I would love for the time between now and Rio to be prosperous and noteworthy for all these athletes and that we see them all on the shows we love (or love to hate).

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