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The Franklin & Marshall College Alumni Association Board held a luncheon on campus to provide an opportunity for alumni and students to meet, interact, and network on Jan. 19 in the Catering Suite. The Alumni Association, which hosts several events on and off campus, is looking for ways to forge stronger ties with the F&M student body.

The event, attended by members of the Alumni Board, college faculty, and about 15 to 20 current students, was geared primarily towards letting students and alumni make connections and network; students were able to share a meal and talk with F&M graduates who live and work across America.

The 30-member Alumni Board, which represents the more than 25000 members of the F&M Alumni Association, typically hosts lunches during its meetings on campus in January, May, and September.

“The Alumni Board takes great pride in interacting and networking with students while we are on campus for our meetings,” said Marc Persson ’00, chair of the Alumni Board’s communications committee. “This lunch serves as a great opportunity for students to engage with staff and alumni.”

The Alumni Association is very active and works for the benefit of F&M students.

“The Alumni Association seeks to assist current students and postgraduates in making a smooth transition into their career [paths] and other endeavors,” said Persson.

They accomplish this through hosting networking events, such as Saturday’s luncheon, giving students the opportunity to make important connections with graduates of the college. Last September, for example, the Alumni Board hosted a career discussion for juniors and sophomores, giving them the opportunity to meet with advisees from the Alumni Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT).

Other events hosted by the Alumni Association include Alma Mater contests, giving a Senior Toast during Commencement Weekend, and having tents at Homecoming and Reunion weekends.

The Alumni Association is looking enhance their presence on campus and increase awareness of their activities among the student body.

“We will be working with the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) to find more and better ways to interact with students,” Persson said. In addition to working with OSPGD, the alumni used Saturday’s lunch as an opportunity to speak with students about ways how the Alumni Association might become more involved on campus. The Alumni Association is very excited to continue working with the student body and enhance their efforts on campus.

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