At Thursday’s meeting, the Diplomatic Congress (DipCon) began by reviewing the goals adopted in January for the spring semester, particularly towards increasing collaboration efforts with student leaders and executing events that engage the student body. We also discussed issues with our current budgetary structure that makes difficult the planning of effective class events and weaken the roles of class presidents. Structural reform issues were also brought to the table as we begin an internal review process aimed at making us more effective as a student government.

We are excited about the progression of our F&M Forum Series toward improving our advocacy role and facilitating community conversations of campus issues. This coming Tuesday, March 10th, we will host an F&M Forum on Breaking the F&M Bubble in New College House, working with NCH and the Ware Institute for Civic Engagement. In a survey to student leaders over the winter, many respondents indicated the need for more information about engaging in Lancaster and an opportunity to discuss our role in the community. This forum will bring together college leaders and community partners to ask and answer: What is F&M’s place within the Lancaster community? What kinds of restaurants, arts events, sports, and other activities are there in Lancaster? What are the service or volunteer options available to us? How can we engage positively with the city as neighbors and as students?

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Sophomore Jack Kupsky is the Public Relations Officer for the Diplomatic Congress. His email is