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By Gabby Goodwin || Sports Editor 

While everyday is a great day to be a Dip, some days it’s not so easy to be one. The F&M Men’s Soccer team has learned this lesson lately as they’ve continued to face tough opponents time and time again. Cal Lutheran, Washington and Lee, Rowan–teams that don’t just show up for a match to play, but teams that show up for a match to battle.

In last year’s game against Rowan, the No. 6 Dips fell 2-1 to No. 8 Rowan in a home match. With a goal in the 27th-minute from F&M’s Ugo Okolie, the Profs fought back with goals in the 39th and 61st minutes of the game.

This past Wednesday, the Dips, squaring off against Rowan again, lost the match 3-0 despite the opportunities they had. While the shot and corner count favored the Profs 16-11 and 5-4, the Dips applied pressure and battled hard, despite their ability to capitalize on their opportunities.

This past Saturday, the Dips faced off against Haverford, falling to the No. 23 team 3-2 in a heartbreaking loss. The Dips’ Jason Tonelli scored the first goal of the game in the 18th minute off a free kick by F&M’s Ben Draheim. Tonelli fought through an army of defenders in the middle and capitalized on the opportunity, giving the Dips a 1-0 lead. However, Haverford responded promptly just four minutes later to even the score 1-1. Stalemate continued until the 59th minute of the match when the Ford’s Nick Janelli scored on a header off a cross by the Ford’s William Edwards to notch the 2-1 lead.

Nevertheless, with just four minutes left in the match, F&M rallied to even the 2-1 contest off a cross by F&M’s Ben Draheim which was finished off by F&M’s Ryan Corr, making the score 2-2.

Despite the Diplomat’s resilience and hard fought battle though, they came up just one goal short when the Fords scored in the 90th minute of the match, giving them the upper hand, 3-2.

Many F&M college students learn early on that “in order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail.” While thus far in their season, the F&M Men’s Soccer team has experienced defeat, their true test of character is within their ability to put up a fight each and every game. Success isn’t linear, and with the hard work and irrepressible effort the Dips have been displaying, success amidst their tough schedule this season will come.

The F&M Men’s Soccer team faces off against CC-rival Dickinson this Wednesday at 7:00 PM for a home match that will be sure not to disappoint.

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