Greek Life Ambassador

This past weekend, the Greek community came together to support each other, to support heart health, and to support a change in the campus wardrobe. Thursday night began Greek weekend with the All Greek Party, hosted by Greek Council at the Chi Phi fraternity house. The Frat Crawl followed it on Friday to bolster Greek unity and support and dispel rivalry between the organizations.

The Crawl consisted of a “mini party” at five fraternity houses for 45 minutes each. It began at Kappa Sigma and worked its way to campus to end at Chi Phi with the following order: Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Kappa Tau, and Chi Phi.

Two other events occurred on Friday, before the Frat Crawl: Alpha Phifa and Kappa Delta’s Clothing Swap. The first event, Alpha Phifa, was hosted by the Alpha Phi sorority as the first annual Alpha Phifa. It consisted of a campus-wide soccer tournament held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the New College House field. The proceeds of the event went to Alpha Phi’s philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation for Women’s Heart Health. Tickets were sold and teams were created to take part in the event, which refused to be rained out.

The other event that occurred Friday was Kappa Delta’s Annual Clothing Swap. The sisters of the Kappa Delta Sorority collected clothing in the College Center around lunchtime during the week leading up to April 12. On Friday, they brought the clothing out to be swapped. The point of the event was to have participants bring unwanted, yet lightly worn clothing to the College Center and exchange their number of items for the same number of items already there.

Overall, it seemed that the Greek community was extremely busy this past week, especially over the weekend.

Since a large portion of the campus is Greek by Spring semester, all of the events were extremely well attended.

Members from all of the Greek organizations, as well as unaffiliated students, came out to not only have a good time but to support the groups who held some of their larger philanthropy events at this time.

Greek weekend played well into the Spring Arts Festival in that it provided an opportunity for the entire campus to come out and enjoy the decent weather as a community.

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