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Steven O’Day, senior associate dean of the College, will be leaving F&M this Summer to accept a position as special assistant to the president of Lebanon Valley College (LVC). O’Day has worked at F&M for the past 14 years in various capacities and has helped to shape the College community.

At LVC, O’Day will work closely with the President and the leadership team and will have responsibilities over various areas of the college. His primary focus will be developing and enhancing a number of initiatives, such as high-impact learning experiences, leadership programs, and postgraduate preparation for students.

“Some of the initiatives I have enjoyed helping to develop at F&M include the creation of the John Marshall Pre-Law Society and leadership development and learning opportunities for students,” O’Day said. “These types of initiatives, as well as others that can be developed in collaboration with professors, alumni, and colleagues, are some of the work I am looking forward to most.”

O’Day, who was approached and offered the position, will leave F&M sometime in June and begin work at LVC in early July.

For the past 14 years, O’Day has worked at F&M in roles such as the head coach of the women’s soccer team, the pre-law adviser, an adjunct professor in the business, organizations, and society (BOS) department, associate dean for advisement and student academic affairs, and, most recently, senior associate dean of the College.

His many accomplishments include working to develop the College House system, serving as the chair of a presidential task force on drug and alcohol abuse, creating the F&M/Gettysburg Battlefield Leadership Experience, founding the John Marshall Pre-Law Honor Society, and directing the Beginnings program for enrolled students.

He has also made important contributions in forging partnerships with College Row, College Hill, and the James Street Properties, in addition to overseeing Greek life and college programs.

“I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with students, faculty, colleagues, alumni, parents, and community leaders to advance the mission of the College,” O’Day said. “I hope I will be remembered as someone who has had a positive impact on the lives of our students.”

“Dean O’Day has contributed greatly to our learning community during the past 14 years and been a positive influence in the lives of so many students and F&M graduates,” said Kent Trachte, dean of the College, acknowledging O’Day’s tremendous impact on F&M in a statement to students, faculty, and professional staff. “I especially have valued Steve’s tireless commitment to F&M, his loyalty and his wise counsel.”

While he is excited to be accepting this position at LVC, O’Day it will be bittersweet and difficult to leave F&M after so many years.

“I know I will miss F&M a great deal,” he said. “Franklin & Marshall will always have a special place in my heart, and I will always consider myself a Diplomat. I wish everyone success, happiness, and peace as our journeys continue.”

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