Early Monday morning, Kat Patterson, a Franklin & Marshall Junior, was arrested by Lancaster Police during a night of protests following the death of Ricardo Muñoz on Sunday afternoon. 

Since her arrest, student leaders at Franklin & Marshall organized the following letter addressed to Franklin & Marshall president Barbara Altmann.

President Altmann, 

Now is not the time to stay silent. F&M student, BSU ally, and sister of  Kappa Delta Sorority, Kat Patterson— along with other members of the civil rights organization Green Dreamz PA—were wrongfully detained while providing medical aid during a protest the night of Sunday, September 13th. The protest happened in response to a Lancaster Police Department officer murdering Lancaster resident Ricardo Muñoz. Kat is being charged with Arson (F1), Institutional Vandalism (F3), Riot Intent to Commit Felony, Failure to Disperse (M2), Obstructing Highways and Other Public Passages (M3), Disorderly Conduct (M3), Defiant Trespass (M3), Criminal Conspiracy Engaging- Arson (F1), Criminal Conspiracy Engaging- Institutional Vandalism/ Illegal Possession (F3), Criminal Conspiracy Engaging- Riot Intent to Commit Felony, Criminal Conspiracy Engaging- Fail to Disperse (M2),  Criminal Conspiracy Engaging- Obstruction of Highways (M3), Criminal Conspiracy Engaging-Disorderly Conduct (M3), Criminal Conspiracy Engaging- Defiant Trespassing (M3) even though she was serving as a peaceful medic during the protest. 

This is the time to not only take a clear stance against police brutality, but also to stand up for one of your students and community members.  How are we supposed to feel safe on and surrounding campus when the police are the very perpetrators of violence? Step up for our community. Show up for your students. You need to publicly speak out against the wrongful actions of the Lancaster Police Department and demand that the unlawful charges levied against the Green Dreamz medics be dropped. 

In addition to a public statement, contribute to her bail fund shamelessly and unapologetically. The Black Student Union of Franklin & Marshall have been working tirelessly to fundraise for her bail set at $1 million, having reached their $10k goal within 24 hours of launching their GO FUND ME page. F&M’s leadership team, donor base, and alumni network ought to support this initiative financially and seek legal support for Kat. The college has resources and now, it is more urgent than ever to use them for the students you claim to care about.

Only a clear and united front against police violence will provide the support that is urgently needed by BIPOC students and allies. You need to act now. 



Alpha Phi

Kappa Delta Sorority 

Diplomatic Congress 

First Generation Diplomats 





New College House Senate

Brooks College House Congress




Mi Gente Latina


Chi Omega

Define American

Dips Upside Down

Phi Sigma Pi

Phi Kappa Psi

Phi Kappa Sigma

Phi Kappa Tau

Catastrophic Relief Alliance

Photography Club

Deaf and Disabled Student Union

Sustainability House

F&M Vivarium

F&M Hillel


Ultimate Frisbee Team

F&M Associate Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

Black Student Union 

College Democrats 

Model United Nations 

F&M Women’s Rugby

Kite & Keys A Cappella

F&M Men’s Soccer

F&M Women’s Basketball

College Entertainment Committee

The Poor Richards

Harbaugh Club

F&M Dance Company

F&M Dance Team

Mock Trial

Women’s Rowing 

Alpha Xi Delta

Boy-band Magazine

Sweet Ophelia

F&M Women’s Volleyball

F&M Women’s Soccer

F&M Women’s Swim Team

F&M Men’s Swim Team

F&M Women’s Club Soccer

WFNM 89.1

F&M Baseball Team

F&M Players

F&M Club Volleyball 

F&M Field Hockey Team

Ware College House Parliament

Middle East and North Africa Coalition

Environmental Action Alliance

African Caribbean Association

The Rumspringas 

Women’s Track and Field and Cross Country

Weis Assembly of Peers


Marcela Pajares Berger ‘21, VP of Programs of  F&M Associate Chapter of SLG

Angelica Camilo ‘21, President of F&M Associate Chapter of SLG

Braden Muscarello ‘21, President of Brooks House Congress and F&M German Club

Arianna Felix ’21 and Sheryl Apunte ’21, Co-Presidents of Mi Gente Latina

Makai Bran ‘24 NCH Senate

Nataliia Nevinchana President of Black Pyramid Society

Frank Holloman ‘24 NCH Senate

Ashley Stewart ‘23  Co-president of L.I.F.T 

Alex Akpata President of  Phi Kappa Tau 

Justin Peirce ‘22 Tau

William Jarvis ‘21 Tau

Franklin Fisk ‘22 Tau

Jan Fimmers ‘21 Tau

Ryan Minster ‘21 Tau

Ann Medina , Co-president of S.I.S.T.E.R.S

Brittany Peters, Co-President S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

Nicolas Cortez, President of IMPACT

Osa Ibude, ‘22 Treasurer of IMPACT

Eric Martinez, Vice President of IMPACT

Adney Silva, President of the Poor Richards

Alaekya Shetty  ‘22  – S.I.S.T.E.R.S, WFNM 89.1

Sarah Estey ‘21, Exec Board Member S.I.S.T.E.R.S

Kate Klaver ‘22 Exec Board for S.I.S.T.E.R.S., Boy-Band club, Women’s track and field

Laura Bedoya ‘22 Fundraising Advocate S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

Rokhaya Ba ‘23 Academic Advisor S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

Yuliana Tamayo ‘23 S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

Kate Robbins, president of Alpha Phi

Blair Atkins ‘21, Alpha Phi

Emma Wright ‘22 – Alpha Phi 

Paige Panessa ‘22, Alpha Phi

Morgan Crowley ‘22 – Alpha Phi

Trishie  Cosgrave ‘22 – Alpha Phi

Regan Fidler ‘21 Alpha Phi

Marina Lazaro ‘23 Alpha Phi

Shannon Cunningham ‘21 Alpha Phi

Addie Peters ‘21 – Field Hockey, Alpha Phi

Amy Mullen ‘21 Women’s Volleyball, Alpha Phi

Holly Rittmaster ‘22 Women’s Golf, Alpha Phi, Panhel

Ellie Pinkerton ‘22 – Alpha Phi 

Allison Franke ‘22 Women’s Volleyball

Chloe Kong ‘21 Women’s Volleyball

Lilian Rodriguez ‘21 Sigma Lambda Gamma 

Andrea Corilloclla ‘21, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Kite & Keys, 


Eunice Woo ‘22, Sigma Lambda Gamma

Milena Tutiven ‘22, Sigma Lambda Gamma

Grace Miske ‘23 Women’s Track & Field and Cross Country, Alpha Phi

Kyra Caffrey ‘23 Alpha Phi & Women’s Volleyball

Erica Stanitski ‘23Alpha Phi

Morgan Fitton-Zellers’21 Alpha Phi 

Emma Durantine ‘21, Alpha Phi

Lauren Maiolo ‘23 Alpha Phi

Olivia Pinilis ‘23 Alpha Phi

Catelyn Woelfle ‘23 Alpha Phi

Katherine Chevalier ‘23 Alpha aphi

Sara Ghorashi ‘23 Alpha Phi

Angela Burns ‘21, Alpha Phi

Diana Graziano ‘21, Alpha Phi

Ali Narracci ‘22, Alpha Phi, Women’s Basketball. SALC Co-President

Jadyn Blair 

Katie Clifford ‘21, Chi Omega on behalf of The College Panhellenic

Allie Christensen, President Alpha Delta Pi

Francesca M. Lippolis ‘21 Alpha Delta Pi

Samantha Griffith ‘22 Alpha Delta Pi and Admissions Tour Guide

Moises Soto-Brito, President of Phi Kappa Psi

Maceo Whatley ‘22 Co-Chair of Diversity Committee

Hugo Job ‘22 Phi Kappa Psi

Connor Doak ‘21 Phi Kappa Psi 

Cameron Rauchberg ‘22 Phi Kappa Psi

Jeremiah Kaplan ‘21 Phi Kappa Psi, Ultimate Frisbee Team Captain

Chris Schiavone ‘21 Phi Kappa Psi, Captain of Men’s Swimming

Bobby Austin ‘22 Ultimate Frisbee Team President

Will Thoman ‘21

Trinity Nguyen & Anna Phommachanthone, Co-Presidents Asian American Alliance 

Karen Zhang ‘23, AAA

Elvis Wilson ‘21, President of Phi Kappa Sigma 

Xander Schubert on behalf of Kappa Sigma 

Gabrielle Mavroidis ‘21- Alpha Phi and Women’s Volleyball

Maddie Feeney ‘22, Alpha Phi

Emily Moll ‘22, Alpha Phi

Caroline Noti ‘21, Chi Omega’s Panhellenic Delegate

Sarah Smith ‘21 The College Panhellenic

Emily Knapp ‘22, Chi Omega & Women’s Squash

Allie Sokol ‘22, Chi Omega

Diana Lichtenstein ‘22, Chi Omega

Maggie White ‘22, Chi Omega, Women’s Basketball

Antionette Heil ‘22, Chi Omega, Women’s Club Soccer, EMT

Julia Madaio ‘22, Chi Omega

Sammy Fischer ‘22, Chi Omega

Callan O’Neill ‘21, Chi Omega

Elizabeth Bauer ‘21, Alpha Phi

Ellie Paige ‘21, Field Hockey, Alpha Phi

Annmarie Earley ‘23, Alpha Phi and Women’s Volleyball

O. Tracy Ogun ‘21, President of Chi Omega

Grace Smith ‘21 Chi Omega and Women’s Squash 

Lauren Carlson ‘23 Chi Omega, ADWC Board Member

Matt Dukarm ‘22 Men’s Squash and Kappa Sigma

Caitlin McCarthy ‘22 Chi Omega 

Kathryn Hanly ‘21, Exec Board Member of Chi Omega

Kit  Meiler ‘21, Vice President of Chi Omega & Admissions Tour Guide, Rumspringas 

Lily Mynott ‘21, Chi Omega & Field Hockey 

Raunak Advani ‘23, Men’s Squash

Stephanie Greene ‘22 Chi Omega

Delaney Hahn ‘21 Chi Omega and Women’s Vol leybaSociety

Nataliia Nevinchana ‘21 Black Pyramid Society, SISTERS, International Student Advisory Board

Max Sano ‘22 Environmental Action Alliance, I.M.P.A.C.T. Social Media Chair 

Boden Polikoff ‘21 Men’s Squash

Mekhi Holley ‘21 

Hannah Robinson‘21 Alpha Phi A

Abby Straub 

Teddy Eill ‘23 Men’s Squash

Sarah Ye ‘20

Lydia Shaw ‘22,  President Dips Upside Down, Parliamentarian Phi Sigma Pi, Copy-Editor at Boyband

Carly Ostrowski ‘21 Women’s Volleyball

Sara Silber ‘21 Kappa Delta, Admissions Tour Guide, Communications Chair Hillel

Grace Shetterly ‘22 Kappa Delta

Mary Sisler ‘23 Kappa Delta

Dina Spyropoulos ‘21, President of F&M Players, Music Director of Poor Richards

Tess Fiumefreddo ‘22, President of Green Room Theatre

Helen Büscher ‘22, Social Chair of F&M Players, Secretary & Social Chair of Kite & Keys A Cappella

Kyra Lisse ‘22, Fellowship Chair of Phi Sigma Pi, Fellow Advising Mentor, Hillel Member

Julia Bernstein ‘22, Hillel President, Alpha Xi Delta

Abigail Dotterer ‘22, The Harbaugh Club Historian, former Phi Sigma Pi Vice President, German Club Treasurer

Zoe Favilla ‘23, Kappa Delta, Admissions Tour Guide, F&M ACLU, NCH Senate, Women’s Club Soccer

Lucy Brancazio ‘22, Kappa Delta, Women’s Rowing

Elisabeth Rohde ‘21, Kappa Delta Council

Lynn Zhao ‘21, Kappa Delta, Panhel council 

Craa Haring ‘21, Kappa Delta 

Lauren Arnold ‘24, Women’s Volleyball

Abby Straub ‘21 Chi Omega, Field Hockey and Admissions Tour Guide

Marina Malcolm ‘21 Initiate Advisor Phi Sigma Pi, Arts House Co-Manager, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee, Tour Guide, Q&SC Tutor, Benjamin Rush Honors Society

Maxine Musto ‘21, Kappa Delta, Sweet Ophelia, WFNM 

Adina Rubenstein ‘22, Chi Omega and Women’s Squash

Mimi Fairbanks ‘22, Chi Omega and Women’s Squash

Meredith Mangum ‘24, Women’s Volleyball

Munahil Sultana ‘24, Ware Parliament

Makenna Penuel ‘24 Women’s Volleyball

Cassidy Dahlkemper ‘23, Phi Sigma Pi, Mock Trial, and SAGA

Vi Bui ‘21, ADWC Board Member, AAA

Grace Lewis,’22, ADWC Board Member, Phi Sigma Pi Initiate Advisor 

Sarah Kornberg ‘22, Planned Parenthood Activism Exec

Roger Avila-Vidal ’22,  Diplomat Corps Board Member, Tour Guide, Diversity Committee Member

Sarah Buckingham ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi , Admissions Tour Guide

Olivia Tufano ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi

Chris Worrell ‘21 I.M.P.ACT 

Sierra Goodridge, ‘21, Campus Climate Committee, Kappa Delta, EAA

Madeline Schneider ‘22, Kappa Delta Council, Admissions Tour Guide

Mackenzie Blackwell ‘21  former S.I.S.T.ER.S. CO president, former House Advisor, F&M Votes Student Chair, F&M ACLU, BPHS, JMPLHS, Junto Society

Katie Gerber ‘22, Kappa Delta Council, Colleges Against Cancer President 

Saïsha Ramdour, ‘21, International Student Advisory Board

Zoe Robinson ‘21, Kappa Delta, BSU

Edith Fields, ‘23, S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

Caitlin Geller ‘23, Alpha Delta Pi

Christian Duran, ‘21, Social Engagement Chair of MGL, DEI Chair in Phi Psi

Sebastian Mayer ‘22,  President of Men’s Rugby, Poor Richards, Phi  Kappa Psi, Hillel 

Alice Fodor ‘23, Poor Richards, Chamber Choir,

Olivia Mautone ‘21, Poor Richards, Phi Sigma Pi, Asian American Alliance

Charlotte Watson ‘21, Women’s Volleyball, Alpha Phi

Peightyn Schwartz  ‘23 Women’s Softball, Chi Omega

Beth Seymour ‘22 Chi Omega

Julia Kreuzer ‘23, Kappa Delta, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

Amanda Leonard ‘22, Diplomatic Congress Executive Board, Sexuality and Gender Alliance Executive Board, Kappa Delta

Shubh Punj ‘21, President of the Diplomatic Congress and the Student Body

Cassidy Hertzendorf ‘23, Kappa Delta

Elizabeth Suvias ‘22, Define American Eboard

Rowan Reusing ‘23 Kappa Delta

Riley Joyce ‘23 Chi Omega 

 Mark Marotta ‘21 Interfraternal Council President, Men’s Rowing 

Kolby Smith ‘22 Phi Kappa Psi, Admissions Tour Guide, Peer Health Educator

Navjit Kaur ‘21, House Advisor, Consul of New College House Senate, Benjamin Rush Honor Society

Timothy Burke ‘22, House Advisor, Consul Suffectus of New College House Senate 

Riley Belden ‘21

Arden Brady ‘22, Catastrophic Relief Alliance

Julia Thompson ‘21 Kappa Delta Council

Omar Guerrero ‘22, New College House AdvisorLauren Mumby ‘23, Field Hockey & Chi Omega

Megan Davis ‘22, Sexuality and Gender Alliance Executive Board, Colleges Against Cancer Executive Board

PJ Howard ‘21, Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) Historian, F&M Films Secretary

Hala Reeder ‘22, Peer Health Educator, SISTERS member

Eli Adler-Cohen ‘22, I.M.P.A.C.T. Executive Board member

Natalie Rauch ‘22, Phi Sigma Pi, Hillel, Vivarium

Sarah Miller ‘23, Kappa Delta, Women’s Rowing 

Brian Larkin ‘22, Phi Kappa Sigma

Clara Kei March Okuyama ‘23, Women’s Tennis & Alpha Delta Pi 

Maya Michael ‘21, Deaf and Disabled Student Union, Sustainability House Co-President

Skylar Rella ‘21, Sustainability House

Carly Bozzo ’22, Women’s Volleyball, Alpha Delta Pi, Fellow Advising Mentor, French Club Vice 

Jack Abdalla ‘21,  Phi Kappa Psi , Bonchek Congress, MENAc,  JMPLHS

Anna-Rose Leder ‘21, Chi Omega, Women’s Squash

Matt Krogstad ‘21 Phi Kappa Sigma

Jeffrey Rodriguez ’21, Phi Kappa Sigma

Katie Anderson ‘21, Chi Omega

Kenna Williams ‘22 Co-President of SALC, Women’s Basketball, BSU 

Allison Klei’21, ADWC Board Member 

Erblina Beqiri ‘23,  Alpha Delta Pi, First Gen Dips

Leora Sammett ‘22, Vice President of Define American

Sarah Laterza ‘21, President of F&M ACLU, Alpha Delta Pi, Peer Health Educator

Anna Goorevich ‘21, F&M Women’s Soccer, SALC Executive Board Member, Alpha Delta Pi

Melissa Browne ‘21, Chi Omega and Admissions Tour Guide

Dan Gaiewski ‘23, Committee on Student Conduct and Review, College Democrats, Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track and Field

Charles Reisner ‘24 Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track and Field

Lexi Salerno ‘22, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track and Field

Laura Greene ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track and Field

Freya Lindvall ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track and Field

Zoe Lamonte ‘22, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track and Field

Alysse Danyi ‘23, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track and Field, Brooks House Congress, Kappa Delta

Rachel Carruso ‘23, Women’s Track and Field

Aaron Digregorio ‘21, Captain Men’s Track and Field

Stephen FInck ‘22, Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track and Field

June Sanchez ‘22,  Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track and Field

Bennett Wasch ‘23, Men’s Cross Country , Men’s Track and Field, Hillel, Admissions, Tour Guide

Kate Henderson ‘23,  Alpha Delta Pi, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track and Field, Environmental Action Alliance 

 Paolo Caglioti ‘21, Junto Society, Black Pyramid Honor Society

Catie Caterham ‘22, Chi Omega, Rumspringas 

Tahmir Brown ‘22, President of Club Volleyball

Mia Harris ‘23, Alpha Delta Pi

Johnathan Screen ‘22 Vice President of the Chessmen

Cassidy Farley 

Melissa Hunn ’23, Alpha Delta Pi 

Ali Brown ‘22, Women’s Club Soccer and Kappa Delta

Paisley Dianastasis ‘21, Women’s Squash, Kappa Delta

Pratiksha Mishra ‘22, Women’s squash and Weis Assembly of Peers

Elizabeth Ramsay ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta

Lauren Costabile ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta

Emma Nakamura, Kappa Delta President

Madeline Quinn ‘22, Kappa Delta Council 

Samantha Tran ‘21, Kappa Delta Council, Kite & Keys Co-President, BPS Executive Board 

Vanessa Woods ‘21, Mock Trial President

Sarina Matsil ‘22 Hillel Board, Alpha Xi Delta, and Dance Company

Vanessa Robustelli ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta, Sweet Ophelia

Ryan Hannum ‘21, F&M Men’s Soccer

Alex Martinez ‘21, F&M Men’s Soccer

Dallen Moore ‘22, F&M Men’s Soccer

Josh Cagan ‘22, F&M Men’s Soccer

Joshua Slager ‘23, F&M Men’s Soccer

Charlie Sears ‘24, F&M Men’s Soccer

Ingram Dillingham ‘23, F&M Men’s Soccer

Oscar Horwitz ‘24, F&M Men’s Soccer

Brice Gambill ‘22, F&M Men’s Soccer

Christian Avila Neres Victorio ‘22, F&M Men’s Soccer

Jillian Krawczel ‘22, Kappa Delta, Rumpsringas

Anna McDougall ‘21, F&M Dance Company and Dance Team Executive Boards

Veronica Thompson ‘22, Alpha Xi Delta

Glory Jacquat ‘22, ADWC Board Member, MUS Service Committee

 Lulu Solis-Perez ‘22, Define American President, First Generation Diplomats, Mi Gente Latina

Jeremy Mauser ‘22, Phi Kappa Psi

Lauren Baker ‘22, Women’s Rowing Team

Alana Brodie ‘21, Women’s Rowing captain and Phi Sigma Pi

Aurora Toskala ‘24 Women’s Rowing and SAGA 

Samira Sankaran ‘23, Women’s Squash 

Sophie Cohen ‘22, President of Phi Sigma Pi, Poor Richards Treasurer

Lauren Proffitt ‘23 Kappa Delta, ADWC Board Member

Tess Wallace ‘23, Kappa Delta, Parliament Deputy Prime Minister 

Marissa Witmer ‘21, Senior Class President, Kappa Delta, F&M EMS Executive Board

Sophia Groff ‘21 President of Women’s Club Soccer

Veronica Thompson ‘22, Alpha Xi Delta, F&M Vivarium

Elena Robustelli ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi, CEC, Sweet Ophelia, and Hillel

Kalida Gawon’23, Board Member of the Student Wellness Committee 

Kristin Jones ‘21, Dance Company President, Dance Team Co-captain, Colleges Against Cancer Treasurer

Leilani Ly ‘21, Asian American Alliance Vice President, ADWC Board Member

Mya Miller ‘22, College Entertainment Committee Chair 

Kayleigh Rine ‘21, Kappa Delta Sorority, Women’s Rowing, Benjamin Rush Honor Society, F&M Orchestra

Jane Reynolds ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta, Dance Company

Kayla Cottiers ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta, First Generation Diplomat

Ashley Atcavage, ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta

Fiorella Comparini ‘24, Women’s Rowing

Lauryn Harper ‘22, Treasurer of F&M Players, Sweet Ophelia, Sigma Lambda Gamma ,

Rachel Rubins ‘24, Mock Trial, Hillel, S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

Julia Kait ‘23, Alpha Xi Delta

Cameron Purdy ‘22,  Boy-band Magazine, Arts House 

Fabiola Villanueva ‘24 NY posse scholar

Delani Munson ‘23, Kappa Delta Sorority 

Eva Ish ‘22, Mock Trial Secretary

Jaclyn Feit ‘24 Women’s Basketball 

Maddie Huelbig ‘22, Chi Omega

Julia Moroz ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta

Grace Donegan ‘21,  Alpha Xi Delta 

Qiran Jia ‘22, Women’s Rowing, Alpha Xi Delta, SAGA

Theliah Hutson ‘22, ACA, SISTERS

Luciana Chavarria ‘22, Alpha Xi Delta

Clare Walston ‘23, Alpha Xi Delta

Ayla Saferstein ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta

Delaney Cochrane ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta

Lindsay Kate Wanner ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta

Chloe Holod ‘22, Alpha Xi Delta 

Alexandra Hackel ‘23, Alpha Xi Delta 

Hannah Stoner ‘21, Alpha Xi Delta

Soseh Yepoyan ‘22, Alpha Xi Delta, Mock Trial

Caton Raffensperger ‘22, Alpha Phi, Women’s Soccer

Haley Barge ‘22, Women’s Soccer

Maija Woodruff  ‘22, Women’s Soccer

Gabby Monaco ‘22, ADWC Student Board, Phi Sigma Pi, Bonchek Congress

Michaela Thomas ‘21, Ultimate Frisbee Team President

Emma Bradley ‘22

Janashree Jonnalagadda ‘21, Women’s Swim Team Captain, Treasurer of NCH Senate

Ilana Harrow ‘22

Charlotte Amsbaugh ‘23

Kate Larkin ‘21, Diplomat Corps Board Member and Tour Guide, Senior Class Senator, Alpha Xi Delta

Luke Solacoff ‘21, F&M Players Exec Board, Rumspringas Exec Board

Charlie Wright ‘22, Baseball, SALC Exec Board

Tommy Denlinger ‘23, Baseball, SALC Exec Board

Noah Jordan ‘22, Baseball, SALC Exec Board

Dan Baroff ‘21, Baseball, SALC Exec Board 

Nina Calleri ‘22 Alpha Xi Delta, French Club

Phyo Thuta Aung ‘21, President of Choom Chu

Christina Seery’21 Captain of Field Hockey, Alpha Phi

Abigael Gebremariam ‘21, Co-President of the African Caribbean Association

Hermela Assefa ‘22, Co-President of the African Caribbean Association

Hannah Deane ‘22, Vice President of Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

Jackie Guo ‘24 Asian American Alliance , First Gen Diplomats

Maureen Adames ‘22, Catastrophic relief alliance 

Makaila Ranges ‘22, Diplomatic Congress and Student Body Vice-President

Jacob Goldstein ‘21, Mock Trial

Aiesha Elwakdy ‘21. Vice President of MENAc, President Emeritus of  the Harbaugh Club 

Sydney Lippe ‘23, Field Hockey, Alpha Delta Pi

Grace Bosy ‘23, Women’s Rowing Team

Maia Lockhart ‘22, Women’s Basketball, BSU

Emma Frazier ‘21, Women’s XCTF

Sydney Dzenutis ‘23, Women’s XCTF

Abby Leinhard ‘23, Women’s XCTF

Valerie Fieberg ‘24, Women’s XCTF

Alysse Danyi ‘23, Women’s XCTF

Kate Henderson ‘23, Women’s XCTF

Caylie Privitere ‘21, Women’s XCTF

Jackie Becker ‘21, Women’s XCTF

Fiz O’Connell ‘22, Women’s XCTF

Kate Klaver ‘22, Women’s XCTF

Nadya ‘23, Women’s XCTF

Emma Kline ‘23, Women’s XCTF

Rachel Caruso ‘23, Women’s XCTF

Glory Edioma ‘23, Women’s XCTF

Jill Barger ‘23, Women’s XCTF

Julia Homer ‘23, Women’s XCTF

June Sanchez ‘22, Women’s XCTF

Laura Greene ‘22, Women’s XCTF

Lexi Salerno ‘22, Women’s XCTF

Elena Robustelli ‘21

Madeline Hartley ‘23

Erin Maxwell ‘22

Erblina Beqiri ‘23

Francesca Lippolis ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi

Emma Steffan ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi

Kelly Minard ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi

Gretchen Rooney ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi

Samantha Griffith ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi

Isabel Wong ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi

Laura Greene ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi

Maria Bravo ‘23, Alpha Delta Pi

Alicia Eckley ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi

Sydney Wieczkowski ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi

Carly Bozzo ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi

Clara Kei March Okuyama ‘23, Alpha Delta Pi

Anna Asnis ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi

Maddie Kitnick ‘22, Alpha Delta Pi

Alex D’Angelo ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi

Vanessa Gonzalez ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi

Lindsay Sullivan ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi

Kirsten Heine ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi

Tara Hessenthaler ‘21, Alpha Delta Pi

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